I Have Arrived!


Thanks for joining me over here.  I have loads to write about, but of course, the life of a new mom, have very little time to write about it.  Please excuse the briefness of this first post- I was finally able to get this blog set up (I’ve been working on it since May 12, 2011)!  I promise to work on updating more frequently.

Things on the top of my “to do”:

– Our adoption story (meeting our birth mother, anticipating E’s arrival, excitements & fears of adoption)

– E’s birth story, and our 72 hour wait

– Life with a newborn

And much, much more!

So pull up a chair, grab some kleenex, and get ready to laugh and cry as we enjoy my favorite ride ever: our lives!

Until then –


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One Response to I Have Arrived!

  1. shelly says:

    hooray for a new blog!

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