February 10th- A Seed is Planted

After my realization on Tuesday, I was honestly in a really good place.  I had fully accepted that God would bring A and I a baby when it was the right baby for us.  Don’t get me wrong, I had thought I had come to this realization many times before…however there was something different about the peace that I felt.  It was so calming, it was almost like God was literally holding my heart in his hands, healing the pain, sealing the cracks that kept it so vulnerable to breaking.  I felt whole.

Thursday is a night I always look forward to- it’s my volunteer night.  I’m not listing the name of the organization I volunteer with because I don’t want women who are looking to adopt to get the wrong idea.  This organization does work specifically with Teen Mom’s.  I did not get involved in this organization for any reason other than that God put it on my heart to be involved.  I never in a million, billion, trillion years would have imagined that the situation that God presented to us would result from my time with this amazing group.  This is not something our mom’s do.  Our mom’s love their babies and fully plan to parent them.

While we were working on invitations for our upcoming fundraiser, our director mentioned a young girl who had started attending the high school lunches she lead.  She mentioned that this young girl was hoping to have an adoption plan for her baby.  I sat there, paralyzed for a moment.  My brain said not to say a word, to continue tying the raffia I had been assigned.  I was in such shock and awe at that moment that I literally could not say a word.  My heart however, was compelled to communicate, and thankfully with my face I was able to communicate everything my heart imagined.  Other mentors noticed my face and stopped our director to remind her that A & I were hoping to adopt.  V, our director, and I spoke later that evening, and I let her know that we would be very interested in meeting with this young woman, if she was interested in meeting us.  V stated she would speak with her the following week when she saw her again, and keep me posted.

I drove home in a state of euphoria.  I couldn’t believe that this may actually be happening.  I called A on my way home, asking him to wait up for me, that we needed to talk.  When I got home, I told him about our potential adoption situation.  He just looked at me, and finally said, “we shouldn’t get to optimistic yet.”

Regardless of what we should do- there was no stopping my imagination.  I had no idea who this young lady was, nor did I have any information about the sweet baby she was carrying, but I knew that I loved them both already.

That night I started praying for both this young women, and the child she carried in her womb.  I also filled my Amazon.com shopping cart, knowing she would be due within a matter of weeks, and wanting to be prepared, just. in. case.

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