February 19th- The Adoption Equivalent of Peeing on a Stick Part 2

When I met with Sam* that Thursday, we had talked about going to Paradise Bakery for lunch.  She was craving all things sweet during her pregnancy, especially brownies, and we felt this was a casual place we could get lunch, talk, and of course – get brownies.

We picked Sam* and her mom up and drove the 3 miles to the bakery.  I’m so grateful that I had met her prior, it gave us conversation topics during that awkward car ride.  As we were pulling in Z, Sam’s* mom said to us, I’m sorry, I’m just SO nervous.  This broke the ice a little.  I looked her in the face and said, “So am I.”

We spent the first hour and a half just talking about whatever conversation came up.  We learned about Z’s history and Sam’s* dreams.  We listened to stories about Sam’s* childhood and learned all about what she was like as a little girl.  Z shared some personal and heart wrenching stories with us, that made us appreciate their situation all the more.  After lunch was finished and conversation was starting to dull, I pulled the trigger and asked if I could share with them the photo book I had put together and if A could share his letter with them so they could learn more about us.  We flipped through the story book telling the story behind each picture.  We showed them photo’s of my parents and told them about how my mom earned to be a Grammy with every bone in her body.  We told them about our annual family vacations to Disneyland, letting them know that our children would “meet the mouse” at a young age.  We showed them our house where our children will grow up.  As A would say, “I did my thing”.  Really, I just told them the story of us.

After we flipped through the photo’s and shared stories, I asked if it would be okay to follow up with them in a few days.  I let them know that we knew they were considering another family, and we didn’t want to pressure them.  Then she said it, she said the equivalent to the dullest of dull blue second lines starting to form, she said, “well yes, but I think I’ve made my decision.”

I squeezed A’s hand, but tried not to take it as confirmation.  We talked some more and went on our way.  Somewhere on the way home, they stated again that they had made their decision it was really a blur.  We talked in the car and I felt like I was floating on a cloud.  It wasn’t until we pulled in, and Sam* ran inside with her mom that I finally got my clear, bold blue lines.  She came back outside and brought us this:

Z handed us the ultra sound photo’s they had received from a previous doctor’s appointment, and said the most amazing words ever, “Believe it, she’s yours”.

For the first time in years, we had 2 solid blue lines.  We were having a baby.


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3 Responses to February 19th- The Adoption Equivalent of Peeing on a Stick Part 2

  1. Heather S. says:

    Aww, so touching! That almost made me cry!

  2. Beth says:

    oh my god.. I’m doing my best not to cry! What a beautiful story!! I’m so glad I followed this link in one of your responses on TB 🙂

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