Did That Just Happen?

When A&I awoke on Sunday morning, I had to ask him if the previous day had really happened.  Had we just found out we were going to be parents?  Did Sam* really chose us?  Did I really have a travel system sitting in my dining room?

I ran downstairs quicker then a child on Christmas morning, ecstatic to see that huge box occupying space in my dining room – it had happened!  A followed me down stairs an stared in awe with me- we were having a baby!

I looked at A, and without even having to ask, he knew what I wanted…. I wanted to build that stroller!

The contents of the stroller box (yes my Christmas boxes were still out in February, and yes that’s a Perry from Phineas and Ferb- don’t judge me.)

We got right to work assembling the stroller- not that it was exceptionally difficult.

When it was finished, I stared at it in awe.  Just having that one piece of equipment for our new baby made the house feel more complete, more like home.

The completion of our travel system ignited my “nesting” gear into full throttle.  I told A to get dressed- we had shopping to do!

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