Hey, How’s it Going, Just Wanted to Stop By & Say “We’re Having a Baby!”

After we left Sam’s* house, A&I had no idea what to do.  We were SO excited and wanted to tell the world, but we knew we also needed to be cautiously optimistic about our situation.  A and I both agreed that we needed to keep our new secret confined to just family and those who needed to know, but in reality we wanted to shout it from the roof tops!  We were in the neighborhood of A’s cousin Jeremy and his Fiance (my super good friend Carolyn).  I was supposed to go wedding dress shopping with Carolyn that day but missed the event.  We figured showing up with photo’s of our new daughter may buy us some forgiveness.

When we arrived Jeremy was there alone with Lucy (the dog)- we were just so excited that we had to tell him- it was SO surreal to show up with these ultrasound photo’s of our beautiful daughter and say, “we’re having a baby”!  Jeremy was obviously shocked.  As soon as Carolyn came home, she was possibly more gitty then A & I.  It was a beautiful moment to share.

Because Sam* was already 35 weeks at this point, and because of her age, we knew that it wouldn’t be a surprise if the baby came at any point.  Carolyn and I decided that A & I needed to have our travel system.  We at least needed the car seat- just in case our precious baby girl decided to show up early. So we quickly grabbed our purses and rushed to Babies R Us (not giving the boys the opportunity to disagree).  Carolyn and I ended up creating a registry at Babies R Us (so we could get a coupon).  Thankfully I knew exactly what stroller I wanted (and had for months)- the Chicco Cortina Travel System.

After completing our registry (BTW for a giggle, try walking into a Babies R Us with your gal pal and letting them know that you’re adopting a baby and watch the looks you receive…) we met up with the boys for dinner.

By the time we were done with dinner it was fairly late.  A and I had time to stop by his parents and tell them in person as well as show them the photo’s, but with my folks living 2 hours away, there was no way we could go see them.  So, we called them and shared the news- my mom was so excited.  She’s been dreaming of being a grammy since I was about 18.  After calling my folks we stopped by A’s parents house to give them the good news.

We were pretty exhausted by the time we left, and drove home floating on a cloud.  Aside from our wedding day, I think it was the most amazing day we had ever spent together as a couple.

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