Preparing the Nursery

The next few weeks A & I spent as much time with Sam* as we could.  We wanted to learn all about her.  We wanted to know who she was, so that we could tell our sweet baby girl about her.  We went to doctor’s appointments, meals, and activities with Sam* spending as much time as we absolutely could soaking it all in.

When we weren’t with Sam* we were preparing for our precious baby at home.  Because of the short amount of time A & I had to get the nursery ready, we decided against painting the room.  We had purchased a model home, so our house was already professionally painted, and while the colors weren’t the exact nursery scheme I wanted, they were popular enough that I could work with them.

I suddenly became best pals with Amazon, ordering more items from them then I could imagine!  While A & I had agreed initially not to make big purchases (just in case) I couldn’t contain myself.  While I knew that our baby wouldn’t come home demanding a finished nursery, I wanted to bring her home to *her* room.  I wanted to have the nesting experience.

We ended up purchasing the crib much earlier then we anticipated.  We wanted a specific type of crib that’s only sold at one baby boutique in our state, a baby dream crib.  We drove two hours south and had a pleasant visit with my cousin (whom also agreed to let us borrow quite a bit of her daughters stuff) and then stopped at the boutique just to look.  Turns out they had the exact crib we wanted in the exact color in stock!  We could have taken it home that day- except it wouldn’t fit in the Prius.  A & I felt this crib was meant to be ours, so of course we bought it!

While we were waiting for her crib to be delivered, I worked on other pieces of the nursery:

One corner of her room- ignore the baseball valance.

The Ikea shelf- and Miley, our dog.

Looking back on it all- it seems so bare.  I can’t believe that what is now E’s bedroom, once looked like this.

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