Crib Assembly

I mentioned in a previous post that A and I had made a venture down south to purchase a crib.  We didn’t purchase just *any* crib, we purchased a Baby Dream crib.  Why is this special?  It has a latched fold down (note- not drop down) front, so that I can unlatch it and easily remove baby E from her crib.  A is super tall… I alas am not.  It was a fabulous solution.

Let me back up, we had originally gone down south to LOOK at a crib.  We didn’t want to make the big purchase until E was home and our 72 hour consent was signed (In our state a birth mother can not sign a consent to adoption until 72 hours after child-birth.  At that point it is irrevocable).  However, when we got to this boutique and they had OUR crib in the color WE wanted, we just knew it was destined to hold our sweet baby girl- so we bought it!  They offered to deliver it just a few days later which we happily accepted (we couldn’t make it fit in our Prius with all the other stuff my amazing Cousin had just given us).

So on a pleasant Wednesday afternoon, a nice delivery man dropped off a HUGE box for us, and it led to an entertaining evening of A, my dad (who was in town taking a class) and A’s friend Daniel putting together the crib:

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After a few hours, and a few re-do’s, we had a finished product:

The Crib!

I have to say, having a crib in her room made it feel even more real, but it also mortified me.  Up until now, everything we had purchased for her could easily be stored, converted into regular room furniture, or boxed up easily.  Now, we had a huge piece of furniture that, if things didn’t work out, would require disassembly and wouldn’t be as easy to store.  While A and I were becoming anxious about meeting our baby girl, we also started to realize how fragile our entire situation could be.  It was one of the most exciting and scary moments of our life.

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One Response to Crib Assembly

  1. Taylor says:

    The fold down is such a great idea! I’d never heard of it before your post. lol

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