Our First Ultrasound

I personally have had many ultrasounds before.  Ultrasounds to check for appendicitis, check my ovaries, check from viable egg’s… really plain, boring ultrasounds that almost always left me with tears of sadness.

March 7th was an entirely different day though.  On March 7th I got to experience an ultrasound that was truly amazing.  I got to watch my daughter in 4D.

This was Sam’s* second (and final) ultrasound.  They did it to check growth, and make sure they were accurate about her due date projection.  When we went back, the technician did all of her growth measurements, and then switched over to 4D for us.  It was amazing to see E on the screen suckling!  Her hand was up on her forehead (this should have been our first clue).  It was amazing to see her on the screen- it was like I could have walked into the next room to pick her up.

Sam* was a champ.  She was so kind through the entire experience, especially when I started crying.  How could I not- look at our beautiful little girl:

She's loved her hands from day 1!

After our ultrasound we went back and heard her heart beat.  It was a truly magical experience, and little did we know that just 3 short weeks later, we’d meet our precious baby girl!

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