The weekend prior to E’s birth flew by.  The week before, A’s grandmother had a stroke so his uncle (whom he hadn’t seen since he was maybe 7) was in town.  My In-Law’s were throwing a small gathering that Saturday and of course we wanted to attend!  As we were working on cleaning the house to prepare for our dinner, we got a call from Sam* asking if we could pick her up and go somewhere anywhere.  We quickly got ready and then picked up and took her for a quick-lunch.  Looking back, this was one of my favorite meals with her.  We talked about so many things and really just got to provide support for her.  She was of course nervous- not about the adoption, but about child-birth (who wouldn’t be?).

We spent Sunday running errands in a popular shopping district about 45 minutes from our house.  We wanted to get Sam* a gift as a token of our love.  We decided on Aquamarine solitaire earings (the March birthstone) so Sam* would always have E with her, and this pendant:

It’s from the jewelers “Love’s Embrace” collection, and is symbolic of a hug.  We got it for Sam* so that even when we weren’t with her, if she needed us she could have a hug.

After doing some shopping, we quickly went home to prepare for our last evening out as a childless couple- our friend’s Ben & Julie’s wedding.  Honestly, this was the best possible ending to our weekend I could have imagined.  It was the first wedding we’ve been to since our own wedding, and watching Ben and Julie recite their vow’s reminded us of our wedding day.  Getting to spend the evening laughing, dancing, and enjoy the company of friends was such a great stress relief.

I do have to say, I got very choked up during the father/daughter dance.  The entire time Julie was dancing with her dad, I was envisioning the day in the not so distant future, when E would be dancing with her daddy, A.  It hit hard at that moment that in just a few short day’s, A & I would be parents.

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