Friday March 25th

Sam’s* original due date was April 5th, however we knew it was highly likely that E would come prior to that.  Every time we saw her, E dropped lower and lower, and with every doctor’s appointment she was becoming further effaced and dilated.

We had a doctor’s appointment on Friday, March 25th, and like always A & I attended with Sam* and her mom.  Z didn’t like staying in the room during Sam’s* internal exam’s.  However, they were uncomfortable and awkward for her, so I offered to stay, facing the opposite direction, holding her hand.  After her internal that Friday the doctor asked her if she would be interested in being induced.

Sam* and I had discussed this before.  Sam’s* spring break was scheduled to be March 28th-April 1st, and if she had the baby early in the week it may enable her not to miss any school (she had worked hard through her whole pregnancy not to miss class).  When the doctor brought this up, Sam* said she was interested in it.  She asked how soon she could be induced, and the doctor said that Tuesday, March 29th (she’d be 39 weeks at that point).  Of course, the doctor said she may not even make it until then (she was already 3-4 cm dilated, 100% effaced, and the baby was between -1 to 0 station.  The doctor said she would honestly be surprised if Sam* even made it to Tuesday which is why she was so comfortable inducing labor.

We brought Z and A back into the room to discuss it with them.  We all agreed that it was a viable and great option, but ultimately the decision was Sam’s*.  She was 110% on board with having the baby over spring break so she wouldn’t miss any class.

From there, our roller coaster whirl wind ride entered “hyper drive”.  From the moment we scheduled the induction A & I were in a whirl wind trying to process all of our emotions and tie up loose ends prior to Tuesday.

After we left the doctor’s office, I needed to head back to work (A was off for the day) and knowing that I was going to be taking a 30 day leave with less than 11 work hours remaining, I needed to start wrapping everything up.

A took Sam* and her mom over to the hospital to do a quick tour (she hadn’t had one yet) and then to lunch.  I ran back to my office to start my leave paperwork and inform my boss that we had a scheduled induction date!  I was in constant touch with A, trying to make sure that Sam* was processing everything well and that she was still feeling well about being induced.  I also made a few calls to our attorney’s (our attorney and Sam’s* attorney) to let them know of the updated progress.  For our attorney it didn’t mean to much, but for Sam’s* it was vital.  Sam’s* attorney, Rita, needed to get in touch with the hospital to let them know of our adoption plan and to fax them over all of the necessary paperwork and releases to try to make our experiences easy and efficient.  Rita had success contacting the hospital social worker, and A said that he, Sam* and Z had a great experience with the nurses in both the L&D and PP wings during the tour, and that they were fully supportive of the adoption.

It appeared that we were in for a pleasant hospital experience.  Keep in mind, I said appeared.

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