It’s All Coming Together

Over the next few weeks A & I spent any extra time we had with Sam*, we went to movies, had meals together, did some shopping, and of course, went to Doctor’s appointments with her.  In this short time, she became a loved member of our family.

When we weren’t spending time with Sam*, we were busy putting together our home and E’s nursery.  A & I had purchased our home in April of 2009, and were lucky enough to purchase a model home.  Because of this our house was already professionally painted, and with only have a few weeks to ready for a baby, we decided to keep the paint as is. That being said, I needed to find bedding that matched.  I originally found (and fell in love with) this bedding:

However, the bedding was awfully pricey and didn’t come with much.  In order to “complete the look” it would have cost much more than I was willing to spend.  Plus, when I saw it in person at the boutique in we bought E’s crib at, I just wasn’t impressed.

I debated between several crib patterns.  Looking back, I wish I would have just purchased a dust ruffle and crib sheet- as we aren’t using her crib blanket or bumper currently.  However, when she gets older, it’s nice to know we have them when we’re ready to use them.

I finally decided on CoCaLo’s Taffy print.  It had the brown and green colors already in her room, and incorporated a girlie feel.  Once her crib mattress arrived, I made the purchase.

Crib bedding (with the bumper and quilt for show) and Miley.

Everyone got into the decorating spirit, even E’s Uncle (he’s 13) who took a lot of pride in putting up her mobile.

Uncle J putting up the Mobile

Once her crib was finished with a mattress and bedding, her room finally started to feel like hers.  With a little under two weeks to E’s arrival, her room was well, as good as it was going to get.

The start to E's closet- complete with Teddy Ruxpin!

It was hard to believe in that in just a few weeks this room would be occupied by a sweet little princess.


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