It’s Time.

I woke up before sunrise on Tuesday, March 29th.  Surprisingly, I woke up calm.  I went downstairs, made breakfast for A & I, put it on a tray and brought it back up to bed (who knew when the next time we’d be able to have a quiet breakfast in bed together would be right?).  By the time I came back up, A was up as well.  We sat quietly eating our breakfast, both filled with excitement, anxiety, and fear.

Surprisingly, we slept decently the night before, probably getting 5-6 hours of sleep.  To be honest, this is more sleep then we’d gotten for at least the two weeks prior.  Everyone kept telling us to sleep now- but let me tell you, I was afraid to sleep!  I was afraid to fall into a deep slumber and miss the phone call from Sam* saying she was in labor.

Our bags were already packed (we were hoping for a 24 hour stay at the hospital), well rather let me back up, we were hoping the hospital would have a room for us so we could have a 24 hour stay at the hospital.  The diaper bag was packed.  The car seat was loaded into the car.  We were ready.

We left the house around 6am.  We had told Sam* and her mom that we’d be there at 6:30 to pick them up and take them to the hospital (we were suppose to be there by 7am).  We knocked on their door shortly after 6:30 to find they weren’t ready.  I was a mess, and about to break down.  Were they backing out?  Had she decided she didn’t want to be induced?  What do we do now?  A, being the calm and collected type, offered to go grab them some coffee and come back in 15 minutes.  They both said that would be plenty of time, so off we went to get coffee.

When we got back, they were ready.  We loaded their stuff into the car and headed off to the hospital.  When we got there, we unloaded their bags, our “waiting bags” (read iPod, DVD player, etc) and the basket of goodies we had made for Sam* (we’d given her her gift the night before, but had made a basket of card games, coloring books, snacks, Dr. Pepper, etc for her to have in the hospital).  We opted to leave our bags in the car because we figured that 1) we wouldn’t have a place to put them, and 2) we just didn’t want to be presumptive.

Let me back up briefly.  Rita, Sam’s* attorney, had sent me a copy of the letter she had sent to the hospital notifying them of Sam’s* intent to have an adoption plan, as well as a copy of the medical releases Sam* had signed giving permission for A & I to know about her health and the health of the baby.  She recommended that I bring a copy of these documents just in case they got “misplaced” or didn’t get transferred to the L&D nurses.  Me being the OCD type, I brought 3 copies (and a jump drive with the file).  Most days my OCD tendencies are a bit much- this day I was thankful for it.

The four of us took the long elevator ride to the 4th floor L&D department, and approach the nurses desk to let them know who we were.  They knew exactly who we were.

When we first met with Rita (our attorney shared this with us as well) she shared with us that not all hospitals are “adoption friendly”.  She said that there are a few in our city that are amazing with adoptions, she also shared that there are a few that are horrible.  She didn’t know much about our hospital, and found out that the hospital social worker was new and had never done an adoption before- but was very excited to be a part of ours (this gave me promise).  Rita also shared with us that regardless of the “hospitals” view on adoption, a nurse can make or break your experience.  Her words rang true on this Tuesday morning.

They brought Sam* into her L&D room and had her change.  At this time the floor was empty (read not another soul on the floor), but they had us leave through the double doors while she was changed and of course, asked again if she was sure this is what she wanted and if she was comfortable with A&I being in there.  Fine, no big.

We came back in, and sat with her and her mom while they got everything set up.  They started a dose of antibiotics and were waiting for that to run prior to starting Pitocin.  Once it ran, they started the Pitocin- and this my friends is when all the fun began…

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2 Responses to It’s Time.

  1. Christina says:

    can’t wait to hear the rest!

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