It’s Time: Part 3

Shortly after speaking with MND, the hospital social worker came back out to speak with V, A, and myself.  She stated that they had all decided that A & I could wait in the delivery room located next to Sam’s* room, and once the baby was delivered, the doctor would cut the cord, and they would move the baby into the room we were waiting in with the nursery room nurse team.  MND had stated that if A or I were in the delivery room it would delay the process, and we didn’t feel like fighting it.  SW asked if this was acceptable, to which we stated yes, absolutely, and this became our new plan.  SW left to go phone Rita, Sam’s* lawyer, and we rejoined Sam*, her mom, and MND in the delivery room.

MND pulled me aside and asked why I felt the need to involve lawyers and the hospital SW, as this was the plan we had all decided on earlier that morning.  I sighed, and stated that it was not the plan we had discussed earlier, but I was glad that we were all on the same page now, and walked away to tend to Sam*.

By now it was around noon.  My mom and sister were in the waiting room, and offered to go pick up lunch for A & I, so we left Sam* to rest (the epidural had made her sleepy) and joined my mom and sister’s things in the waiting room.  I fell asleep probably 5 minutes after sitting down, and didn’t wake up for another hour and a half or so.  After I woke up I ate my lunch, and was just relaxing with A.  A short while after Z, Sam’s* mom, asked if we would go sit with Sam* so she and D (Sam’s* step dad) could go take a walk and have a smoke break. During the time that I had fallen asleep, the Doctor had come over and broken Sam’s* water.  She was predicting a baby born between 5pm and 6pm.

A & I sat in Sam’s* room with her for about an hour while she slept.  When she awoke, we pulled up a few chairs next to her and colored, watched TV, and just talked to her while she went in and out of sleep.  She was getting very hungry, but of course couldn’t eat anything.  I kept bringing her ice chips, but they just weren’t cutting it.  By now it was getting to be about 3, so knowing that the baby should be here soon, I asked Sam* if she wanted to prepare her dinner order now so she could put it in as soon as she got to her new room.  She was excited to do so, so we reviewed her dinner choices, and put together a list.  By the time we were done Z & D were back, and we all sat in Sam’s* room with her.  The nurse had checked Sam* and she was getting very close, she was now at 9 cm and the nurse could feel the babies head when she pushed into the cervix (her head was about a fingertip deep).

Around 4:45 they started breaking the bed down, and called the doctor to start heading over.  Things started to happen very quickly, and around 5:10pm A&I said our goodbye’s to Sam* and headed into the other room.  Sitting in the new room, it was very surreal.  For weeks we had known we were having a baby, but now, it was happening.  The room was quiet and undisturbed.  It was perfectly set up for a new baby to be brought in.

All ready for baby!

A & I sat in this room, waiting.  On the monitor in the upper right hand corner of the first photo we were watching Sam’s* contractions.  We could see each of the 3 pushes with each contraction.  We sat in this little chair, me on A’s lap, just watching, waiting in the silence.  Nurses would pass by and tell us how close it was getting, the Nursery Room team came in to set everything up and ask us which type of formula we’d like the baby to have.  Finally we saw the doctor walk into the room, and she said next time she saw us it’d be with a baby.

A & I sat there in silence, watching the pushes on the monitor, anticipating a cry and an infant being brought in.  We held each other close for our last few minutes as just a couple before becoming a family.  Suddenly we saw the screen flat line, and heard an infant cry…

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3 Responses to It’s Time: Part 3

  1. Beth says:

    Wow… I just about cried at your very last line.
    Thank you for writing all of this out and sharing your experience!

  2. Jet says:

    New follower from

    I just went back to catch up on your story and have caught up…and I’m crying! I look forward to hearing the rest of your daughters birth story!

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