And Suddenly We Went from a “We” to a “Three”

In a millisecond, she was in the room with us.  A and I stood helplessly in the back round while we watched the amazing nursery room team work with her.  We just stood there, staring at her, crying, holding each other while we watched these nurses handle this baby, OUR baby.  I loved her the moment my eyes saw her, and knew she was my daughter the moment her eye’s met mine.

Lindsey, one of the nurses, finally turned to us and said, “you can take pictures and touch her if you want.”  And we did want.  Without further ado….

Baby E

And then she was there.

Born March 29th, 2011 at 5:36pm

6lb’s 15oz’s 19.5″

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2 Responses to And Suddenly We Went from a “We” to a “Three”

  1. Nicole says:


    p.s. Girl, can you ever write cliff hangers!

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