Facebook- The Holy Grail of News.

So…funny story.  A & I were selective with who we told we were adopting.  You see in our state, a birth mother can not sign consent to adoption until 72 hours after birth.  At that point it is irrevocable.  However, we had decided that we wouldn’t announce our adoption plan (IE: post it on Facebook) until consent was signed.  This was great in theory.  However, about 15 minutes after this photo was taken, my dad posted the following status message (he was out-of-town on business and couldn’t be at the hospital):

“Well, I’m a grandpa now!”

I have one sister, who was 19 at the time, and not in a committed relationship.  So obviously most of my dad’s friends (who are friends of mine, or parents of my friends) were like- what?  Additionally, V, who came back to check on us (because she’s awesome and amazing and wanted to make sure Sam* had support and that we had support) posted a photo to FB of me holding E saying, “guess who’s a mommy now“.  The metaphorical cat was out of the bag.

So, I went ahead and made the post:

“We’ll, it seems to be out- We had a baby, it’s a girl! 6lb’s 15oz born at 5:36pm. Everyone is doing great!”

Now, imagine seeing that pop up in a news feed from someone whom you didn’t know was expecting a baby.  Let’s be honest, 99% of your friends (unless your one of my adoption friends) have babies the “old-fashioned” way.  And they have 40 (+) weeks of waiting, posting, and picture posting.  So when someone whom is intelligent (so glad people see me that way) suddenly says, “well we had a baby” it may make you scratch your head.  I suddenly got several very confused text and Facebook messages from people who had seen me in recent months and had no clue I was pregnant.

We all sat in the room laughing because my phone, A’s phone, my mom’s phone, and my sister’s phone were all buzzing off the hook.  We decided not to go into more detail because we were A) exhausted and B) just didn’t want to dive any further into it until things were a little more final.

Suffice to say, it made for some interesting messages in the morning!

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