Our First Night

After about an hour or so, things started to quiet down.  My mom and sister left for our house (they live a few hours away so were staying at our house that night).  A’s mom and brother headed home, V took off, and so did other visitors.  We had dressed E in her pajama’s in the nursery, but A & I got ready for bed and cuddled with our new little love bug:

Exhausted, but not letting go!

I LOVE these pajama’s.  I still have them.

After we got settled into the room, our night nurse came in to introduce herself.  Let me tell you, she was AMAZING.  This woman restored my faith in this hospital.  She was truly the most loving and compassionate woman ever.

We had been given the “isolation” room (the room reserved and set up for a patient needing to be in isolation) so our room was smaller than a normal room (there was a second door once you entered, making a little room with a sink for hospital staff to dress/undress in sterile clothing before entering/leaving the room).  Additionally the “main” bed was super narrow, making it impossible for A&I to snuggle in the bed together with E.  I held E most of the evening, but when I decided to get some sleep (Ha!) I would place her back in the little crib.  I just hated seeing her in there when she had a mommy and daddy who wanted nothing but to hold her.

At some point in the evening I went to check on Sam*.  A had spent much of the time I was in the nursery with E with Sam* talking with her and making sure she was feeling okay.  Sam* had requested not to see E, so A and I couldn’t go in there together.  Truthfully I wasn’t suppose to leave E unless she was in the nursery because A didn’t have a baby band, but I’ll get into that a little later, when I discuss our day nurse.

I think around 11pm I finally fell asleep, for about 15 minutes.  Isn’t it true how in hospitals as soon as you fall asleep someone is coming in looking for something from you?  Our night nurse had stopped in to pick up the form to check on E’s eating/discharges.  She was super quiet, but the light from the nurses station woke me up.

Once I got calmed down again, E woke up, so I tended to her.  This went on for most of the night.  I think I slept about 1.5 hours cumulative.

This becomes very important over the next 65ish hours.  Let’s just say little sleep+high emotion’s+impending deadline = a very interesting 65 hours remaining in our 72 hour wait…

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One Response to Our First Night

  1. christina says:

    can’t wait to hear the next part I bet the next 65hours were crazy and so hard

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