So Now What?

A and I had spent so much time anticipating the arrival of our precious baby girl that I honestly hadn’t spent as much time thinking about what to do once she was here.  As I followed her to the nursery suddenly a rush of emotions hit me- I was a mom.  I was responsible for a human life.  Ya, that’s a scary rush of thoughts right there.  As I sat there, staring at this precious baby girl, I suddenly realized I was no longer just “J”.  I wasn’t even just “J” + “A’s” wife.  I was now “J”+”A’s” wife + “E’s” MOM.  Talk about heavy!

Of course this thought-provoking conversation I was having with myself was quickly interrupted by pure and utter cuteness:

On a side note, while we were bathing E, my mom decided to invoke “Grammy” rights, and walked into the nursery to sneak a peek.  Well, my mom did not have one of the coveted “baby bands” and therefore was kicked out promptly (clearly the hospital does not understand the power of “Grammy rights”).

Once she was warmed, I got the pleasure of wheeling her into our room.  I think it was around 7:00pm at this time, and to be honest, I was wavering back and forth between being exhausted and being so excited I couldn’t sleep.  When I went into our room, the welcome wagon was waiting!

Grammy finally getting to hold her E.

It was so nice to be welcomed by our family.  I had told most people not to be at the hospital that first night since we weren’t even sure we’d have a hospital room, but I’m glad that I had my mom, sister, mother in law, brother in law, and of course V.

So…want to hear a funny story….

Good, stay tuned!

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