Day 2: Realizing How Boring Hospitals Are

I “woke up” (read got out of bed to being my day- waking up requires sleeping) around 5am.  E was asleep, so I asked A to watch her while I took a shower and got cleaned up.

After I got cleaned up, we fed E and got her dressed for the day (well in outfit #1, E had a slight reflux/spit up problem which resulted in many outfit changes):

So stinking cute! It's an iPhone photo, but I LOVE that outfit!

It was around 7am that I realized how boring hospital’s are.  We didn’t have many TV stations.  The room was bland.  We were just sitting in this room, with the clock tick, tick, ticking away.

Around 7:30am, a nurse came in to take E to have her hearing test.  I took the opportunity to go down the hall and visit Sam* and see how she was doing.  She was doing fabulously of course.  She had the option of going home Wednesday, but opted to stay until Thursday (she was loving the hospital, lots of places for her to explore).  When I returned to the room, A told me that E was in the nursery.  They had brought her back from her hearing test but because A didn’t have a baby band (there are only 2 issued and one HAD to go on Sam* since E came out of her) they couldn’t leave her without me (and my band) being there.

I walked over to the nursery to retrieve my daughter, and this is when I realized our day nurse was not going to be anywhere near as awesome as our overnight nurse had been.  When I approached the nursery, they stated they were doing shift change so I couldn’t come in, because they were discussing other patients, fine no worries, I waited outside the door.

30 minutes passes.  I knock, and ask if they are done with shift change.  They state yes, but that I can’t come in because the nursery is to crowded (they were remodeling the real nursery, so the temp one was 2 make shift rooms).  I said, that’s fine I didn’t want to come in I just wanted my daughter.  I was then told I couldn’t take her until she saw the pediatrician, and then they’d bring her back to me.

Um… ya… that didn’t fly.  I told the nurse that I would (not that I would like to, that I WOULD) be present when the pediatrician was examining my daughter, sternly.  She looked at me and told me there was no room.  I then said, fine, then give me my daughter and the pediatrician can come check her out in our room.  I got an eye roll, and was about to get a “no” when the Pediatrician came out and asked what was going on.

God bless him.  Seriously.  He literally wheeled E out to me, and did her exam in the hall way (while the nurse protested).  He said he had an adopted child and understood how I was feeling.  He did her exam, and then told me I could take her back to our room and he’d come talk to my husband and I shortly.   (By the way, he is still her pediatrician).

I wheeled E back to our room, frustrated and angry that we were in for another day of awesome hospitality.  When I walked in, A asked what was wrong and I explained what happened.  A, being so cool, calm, and collected, said not to worry, we’d be going home in a few hours and could relax in our home with our daughter away from nurses who thought we were evil.

Little did A know how long it would truly be before we were relaxing in our own home..

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