The evil number- 48 hours.

After I brought E back into our hospital room, I vented to A about how awful the day nurses were.  I told him I wanted to start packing now so that when the doctor came in saying he was discharging E we could get our booties out of there.  We start picking everything up and organizing it (it’s amazing how much stuff had accumulated in our room within 16 hours).

Dr. C came in our room shortly after we had everything packed and organized and dropped the bomb.

“I’d like her to stay for the full 48 hours, “ Dr. C

“Oh,” Me

“She tested Combs positive (basically E’s blood is A+ and Sam’s* blood is something -, and their blood’s mixed at some point), which puts her at a higher risk for jaundice, we’re pretty sure she’ll be jaundice just not sure how much, so we’d like to keep her until 48 hours has passed.  And really, that puts you getting out of here late, so maybe you should just stay until Friday morning,” Dr. C.

At this point my spirits dropped.  I had to spend at least 1 more day in this hospital, with these not so kind nurses, who wouldn’t even give me a grape juice at 2 am because I wasn’t a registered patient.  Awesome.

I called my mom trying to catch her before she left my house so I could have her bring some extra stuff for E, A, and I.  Thankfully I did.

Before I had time to cry, my dearest friend Shelly stopped by.  Shelly is like a drop of sunshine left on this earth- I swear, and as soon as she walked into the room I instantly was happy (how could I not be, two of my FAVORITE girls were in the room).

Shortly after Shelly’s arrival, a whole slue of people came by:

-A’s dad

-A’s Mom, brother and uncle (who happened to be in town from CT)

– My mom and sister

– My cousin and god-daughter Bella

– My Aunt

– A’s Cousin

It was a steady stream of people in and out of our room which kept us occupied (and oblivious to mean nurses) throughout the day.  Our little angel was enjoying her company as well:

A very proud Auntie

Later that afternoon, Carolyn (if you don’t remember Jeremy and Carolyn were the first people who we told about E, and the first people to see her photo’s), dropped in.  A&I were very excited for her and Jeremy to visit, as we had something VERY important to ask them.

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