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Fear- The Darkness Within

I think I’ve mentioned before in previous posts that I never knew what it was like to “fear” God prior to becoming a mother.  I mean, I live a good life.  I have a husband who loves me, the best … Continue reading

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An April Fools Affirmation

Historically, April 1st has not been a great day for my family, and I find it ironic that E would celebrate her 72nd hour of life on Friday, April 1st, 2011. On April 1st, 2008, my mom suffered a cardiac … Continue reading

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We Can Finally Go Home

After 48 long hours, we were finally released from the hospital. Around 5:00pm, the nurses came in and went through a discharge check list.  They told us we could go ahead and start loading the car.  A* started taking things … Continue reading

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Sam*Changes Her Mind

Around 8am, we dropped E off at the nursery, and headed down to Sams* room together to attend a “post partum” class.  I have to say, the nurse who was responsible for patient education was outstanding.  A&I were the only … Continue reading

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Sam* first wanted to apologize to me for the way she had acted when I first came to see her at Z’s request. She felt horrible that I saw her that way. I assured her that it was not a … Continue reading

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Confessions of an Adoptive Mom: Part 3

Queue Usher: These are my confessions…. Confession #8: Recently I was around several women my age (whom I didn’t know very well) all discussing their birthing experiences.  I didn’t feel like getting into the entire adoption story, so when they … Continue reading

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Dear Jenn

*My dear friend Taylor had a post similar to this a few weeks ago that I just loved (can you tell I have blog envy of her super awesome blog?  I keep stealing her idea’s) A letter to 2010 Jenn, … Continue reading

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