Will you?

After my mom and sister had left for the day, and all of our other visitors took off A and Carolyn went to get dinner for Sam*, Z, and I.  This was the first time in her whole life (all 27 hours of it) that E and I were alone together (technically this picture was from the next day, but meh, whatever).

E and I spent most of our time in the same position:

We love to snuggle!

I had wondered if it would be difficult for us to bond, considering I wasn’t the voice she’d been hearing for the last 40 weeks of her life.  This was actually a large fear I had for many, many days (since the day Sam* told us she was ours).  This was a fear that was quickly laid to rest.  I’d like to believe we bonded pretty rapidly- I mean I think she looks pretty comfortable, don’t you?

Anyway, so with A and Carolyn gone, E and I were just relaxing in our room:

After running to two (2) separate restaurants, A and Carolyn were back with dinner (I told you he was the best ever!)  Shortly after they returned, Carolyn’s fiance (and A’s cousin) Jeremy finally stopped by (he was putting in grueling hours at work- I can say this because Jeremy and I actually work together).

A & I had decided a while ago that we had wanted to ask Jeremy and Carolyn to be E’s Godparents, but we didn’t want to ask them until after she was here, and we wanted to ask them in person.  We figured this was an opportune time.

While we were all eating dinner, we told them we had a question for them, and it was okay if they said no.  I explained how important my Godparents have been in my life, and how much I treasure being a Godmother, and we wanted E to have that same experience.  We then asked if they’d be willing to be E’s Godparents- to which they of course said yes.

The Godfather

We spent the rest of our time together talking and enjoying E.   A&I are quite fond of Jeremy and Carolyn and love all the time we get with them.  I was so thankful for this quiet few moments with them and E.

Shortly there after they left (it was getting late).  We said our goodbyes, and A&I changed for bed.  We were both looking forward to going home the next day, but with each hour that ticked by we treasured our time with E, and prayed the next 40ish hours would fly by as fast as they could.

As A&I were settling into bed and tucking in E, we got a knock on the door from Z.  She needed to speak with me, immediately.  My heart pounded as I stepped down the hallway, dreading the words Z & Sam* would want to say to me.

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