Dear Jenn

*My dear friend Taylor had a post similar to this a few weeks ago that I just loved (can you tell I have blog envy of her super awesome blog?  I keep stealing her idea’s)

A letter to 2010 Jenn, from 2011 Jenn-

Dear Jenn,

It’s ironic the things that we remember and the things we forget.  For example, I remember last Labor Day weekend, you (we) were so excited because A FINALLY agreed that he needed a new car, and broke down and bought the Toyota Prius he’s been salivating about for 2 years.  I can remember sitting in the Prius for the first time after we drove it off the lot and thinking, – we’re one step closer to baby, we finally have 2 baby ready car’s.

In a few weeks you’ll go to your first YL Club and Gwen will give a talk that will make you cry, it will make you cry because you’ll realize just how much you yearn for the opportunity to be a mom, and it feel like it’s an eternity away.

I know that in the coming months there will be many nights where you cry yourself to sleep wondering why God has punished you by with holding the only thing you desire, the one thing you feel is your purpose in life, but understand, He is not punishing you, and He in fact has an amazing plan in place, all in His time.

I wish I could rewind and tell you to enjoy these moments with your husband.  These are the moments you will treasure greatly in about 7 months time.  These are the moments that will get you through days in which you sometimes only see each other for 5 minutes because you’re tag teaming an infant.

My dearest Jenn, I wish I could go back, and tell you not to focus on the pain or beat yourself up for the things you think you’re doing wrong, because in just a few precious months, your greatest happiness will unfold before you, and you will meet your daughter.  She’s beautiful, she’s amazing, and being a mother is more than you ever dreamed it could be.

Hold true to yourself but above all, hold true to the Lord in these trying times.  Your faith and perseverance in Him, will prevail.


The Mommy Version of You

P.S Even though you think there’s no way the price of gold will go up, it will.  Buy gold, lots of gold.  (It’s worth a shot right?)

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One Response to Dear Jenn

  1. Tay says:

    I love your letter! Its amazing what one year can do, isn’t it?

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