An April Fools Affirmation

Historically, April 1st has not been a great day for my family, and I find it ironic that E would celebrate her 72nd hour of life on Friday, April 1st, 2011.

On April 1st, 2008, my mom suffered a cardiac death (momentary).  I received a call from my dad around 7am alerting me that my mom was in the ER but that everything was fine.  My parents live about 2 hours north of the city I live in, and I made the decision to drive up to see my mom as something just wasn’t sitting well.  About 4 hours later, I arrived at the hospital only to find out my mom was being taken into surgery.  Apparently she had blacked out around midnight an was taken via ambulance to the hospital.  My mom was technically dead for a very short period of time on April 1st, 2008.  We were to later find out she (along with many other women in my family) have a genetic cardiac condition known as PQTS, which is fully treatable with a pacemaker/defibrillator and regular check up’s.

I woke up feeling well that morning- after all I had just had more sleep then I had in 3 days.  I remember waking up and laying in bed for a minute, before remembering that downstairs I had a daughter!  I rushed out of bed and ran downstairs to make sure she was still there.  She was.

I received a call that morning that my Uncle had been laid off from his job as an elevator mechanic.  I remember telling my mom that this is NOT how April 1st could go, not again.  I remember saying that I needed today to have good news.

A & I spent the morning relaxing and lounging around as a new family.  Both of us were trying to forget the impending deadline.  A little later, A got up and got ready to go meet Sam*.  On his way he met up with my parents, and then went to see Sam*.  My parents made it home before he did, and thankfully brought sustenance with them (I may not have mentioned how I was not exactly providing nutrition to my body).

By the time A returned, it was around 4pm.  By this time I was pacing.  My mom and sister were home with me, as well as A, but all I could do was watch the clock tick, tick, tick away.

Around 5pm Rita called me to let me know she was on her way to see Sam*.  She promised me she’d call as soon as she was done.  Around this time my Aunt and Uncle stopped by to see E.  We were all gathered in my living room waiting.  We made small talk and played with E, but really we were all waiting and watching for my phone to ring.  The next hour felt like an eternity.

Finally, around 6:00pm, Rita called me to let me know we could now pop the champagne.  That was it- she was ours!  I hugged A, squeezed E, and just thanked God for providing our family with this beautiful and precious baby girl.

April 1st was finally a good day for our family.


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