Confessions of an Adoptive Mom- Part 4

Queue Usher, “These are my confessions…”

Confession #11: This past week at Disneyland, we used the Baby Center for the first time.  I had hoped to get a quiet area to feed E, as she was getting quite distracted and not eating well in the park.  When I walked in, they asked why I was there, I said to feed my baby, they asked “how” I would be feeding her, to which I said a bottle.  They refused to let me have one of the private area’s that is used for nursing (even though they were empty) and gave me a stink eye.  To which I very loudly, and passively aggressively said to A, “Apparently it’s just another way I’m discriminated against for adopting”.

Confession #12: A & I were at the Container Store last weekend, and one of the associates remarked on how beautiful E was.  She then asked who she got her beautiful blue eyes from.  A & I looked at each other awkwardly before I blurted out “not us”, the lady looked at us funny not knowing how to react to which I quickly followed up with, “She’s adopted”.  This then lead to an even more awkward conversation in which the associate shared her desire to adopt her second child (she was pregnant) but how she had longed to experience pregnancy.  I started at her (giving her the- “are you kidding me lady” look) before A grabbed my arm and took me to the next aisle.

Confession #13: (I feel guilty about this one)  Sam* contacted me earlier this week (via Facebook) asking for some more recent photo’s of E (it’s been about 3 weeks since we posted any).  At first I was angry- who was she to demand (remember- emotional Jenn responding) photo’s of MY daughter.  Then of course, after speaking with A, he reminded me that she 1) wasn’t demanding anything, and 2) we should be lucky that E has a birth mother who wants to know how she’s doing.

Confession #13b: I had honestly started to forget that E was adopted (minus Container Store lady’s remark) until I got the email from Sam*.

Confession #14: I wish I could freeze time right now.  Not just because E is adorable and fun and finally sleeping through the night, but because right now, she doesn’t know that she’s different.  Right now she doesn’t know that A&I are anything other than her Mommy and Daddy.  I know that shortly, this won’t be the case.  That makes me anxious.

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