I’ve been a bad blogger

About two weeks ago, I got sick- and since then my energy to do anything other than work, sleep, and spend time with my husband and daughter has been well zilch.  Really that’s not changed much tonight I just felt like *maybe* I should check in.

I promise to complete my sub-series on adoption stereotypes soon, and also give you another confessions- because let’s face it, those are far more entertaining.  But until then, I leave you with some awesome photo’s of my little princess.

My cousin Sharon is an aspiring photographer (personally I think she does amazing work now).  I like so many other people I know have become a fan an addict of Pinterest.  I created a board of photo’s I loved- and since we didn’t get to do them at E’s 6 month shoot, Sharon graciously spent time with us to capture a few of my favorites.

Talking to her bear


Does that smile not melt your heart!

And lastly…

Because we love our TOM's in this house.

I’ll be back soon with a regular post- promise!

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One Response to I’ve been a bad blogger

  1. Sharon says:

    Awwww! I just saw this! (I’m seriously neglectful in reading my blogs because, well, I spend all my time editing and with my daughter and husband – or in Phoenix taking pictures – lol). But I love you! And this reminds me that I need to e-mail you some pictures! haha! Thanks for being so patient while I get all of this getting faster at editing/learning photography/taking pictures/spending time with my family balance act figured out.

    Oh, and is this word press? Do you know the dimensions for the photos your blog? I can size and sharpen them specifically for you for your blog if you know. 🙂

    She is such a doll!! I love her to pieces!! And I love you lots, and you are one of the best mommies that I know. 🙂

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