E’s First Christmas- Part One

Recently we celebrated E’s very first Christmas.  Like so many new mothers I had planned every detail to a “T” and spent months doing so.  Christmas however, did not go as I planned.

It all started on Saturday, December 17th.  E came down with a stomach bug that had been circulating around my office (Mommy of the Year right here) that I brought home to her.  It started with vomiting.  Lots of vomiting.  It then progressed to hear not wanting to eat a single thing while vomiting.  This brought us to the emergency room.  Here, they tried anything to get her hydrated (without reverting to an IV) and we ended up giving E her very first popsicle – in December.  Again, not how I envisioned that one.

The following week, E was still sick.  Her vomiting stayed, and we welcomed a new friend that accompanied her vomiting (I’m sure you can fill in the blank here).  Because she was now depleting fluids rapidly, refusing to eat, and now becoming extremely lethargic, after a visit to her pediatrician on Monday, we were sent to the Children’s Hospital again on Tuesday.  (Can I send a late request to Santa to ask him to pay my hospital bill for Christmas?)

This time, they did an IV, blood work, stool sample, you name it- a full work up.

Unfortunately, her stomach flu hung out as an unwelcome holiday guest until Friday, December 23rd.  After a week of E being sick (BTW A&I also got the fun stomach bug) I was just exhausted and with a baby recovering from a week-long illness, and a to-do list a mile long, I knew Christmas would not play out the way I expected.

On Friday the 23rd, E and I braved the crowds to go visit a life long friend:

Thankfully, we made it through the mall (and our 3 hour Santa wait) alive.  After visiting Santa we made a stop at the Disney Store (she was so good, mommy bought her a new toy) and stopped in our local Stride Rite that’s closing (hello 50% off!).

After we were done at the mall, we made a stop at E’s daycare (she hadn’t been there in a week) to drop off gifts for her teachers and headed home to do some (modified) holiday baking!

With just one day left, our Christmas holiday was back on track!


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