E’s First Christmas – Part Two

Since we’ve been married, A & I have always spent Christmas Eve with his family, Christmas morning in our home, and Christmas evening/day after Christmas with my family (they live 2 hours north of us, so this allows us to get up there and enjoy ourselves before having to “rush” home).

This year, we kept with tradition and headed over to his parents house in the afternoon to enjoy round one of Christmas.  A has a 13 year old brother (Jared) who E adores.  His parents (Grandma and Grandpa) also have a rather large fish tank that E loves to watch.  She was quite spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa this year.

Check out my pile!Mine!


E fell asleep in the car on the drive home (not as I had planned- but what do you do) and then woke up Christmas morning excited to see if Santa had come!

We had a nice Christmas morning at home, where E enjoyed round two of gifts.

After breakfast, we drove up north to my parents house and had a lovely Christmas Dinner.  After dinner we sat down to partake in round 3 of presents with my parents.

According to my mom, Santa wanted E to have an extra special visit so when he visited their house he also left gifts for E there (in addition to the gifts he left for her at our house).  Needless to say this child is not lacking on toys.

We had a very blessed Christmas this year.  We were able to celebrate as a family in our own home, with our health, and our amazing baby girl.  While the holiday didn’t go exactly as I (or my pinterest board) had planned, it was more than I could ever have asked for.  Our holiday was filled with love and family time- which are the most amazing gifts anyone can receive.

While reading the Christmas Story out of Luke this Christmas, and reading of the love and sacrifice God made for us by sending His only son to die as payment of our sins, I couldn’t help but think about Sam*.  Sam’s* having a rough go at it right now, and unfortunately there’s not much A & I can do for her – except pray.  When sharing with E the love that surrounds the holiday of Christmas, I couldn’t help but share with her that her birth mother, Sam*, loved her so very much that she placed her with us, and that no matter what Santa brought this year, or in years to come, that was truly the most amazing and selfless gift we have and will ever receive.


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