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Happy 10 Months (& 2 days) Baby Girl!

I can’t believe we’re here again!  Our little girl is officially into double digits, and the big “1” is right around the corner.  E is as adorable (and mischievous) as ever!   At 10 Months E is: – Just under … Continue reading

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I Love You Because {DIY Crafty Mama}

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a love affair with Pinterest.  This year, I set a goal to complete 25 projects that I “pinned”.  A lofty goal, when you consider that’s just over 2 projects per month.  Being that we’re … Continue reading

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Baby Wearing- From an Adoptive Mother’s Perspective

Before E was even a thought in our minds, I wasn’t really to keen on the idea of baby-wearing.  It wasn’t that I was against the concept, but I just didn’t really think it was for me.  I didn’t see … Continue reading

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Day Care Dilema- Part 2

In late December we got the first letter.  (When I say letter, I literally mean a letter.  When the facility needs to communicate important information with us they tend to give us a written letter when parents come in to … Continue reading

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Day Care Dilema- Part 1

I don’t hide the fact that I have high expectations about pretty much everything in life.  I don’t think anyone who knows me would deny this fact either.  In fact, even I admit that my high expectations can occasionally often … Continue reading

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More Than A Chair…

This is E’s glider: It’s pretty simple, it’s a dark wood, with ivory fabric.  I dressed it up a little by adding a hand made blanket from my Godmother.  It sits under 3 very special pieces of Disney “art”.  One … Continue reading

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This World Was Never Meant For One As Beautiful As You.

I’ve written this post about a thousand times in my head, and yet I still struggle with putting it in written form.  I’m afraid that my words won’t do it justice, that somehow the raw emotion that I’m feeling won’t … Continue reading

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