A Low-Key New Years Eve

I’ve had some amazing New Years Eve’s in my past.  I’ve attended amazing block parties with headline bands that have made me swoon into the new year.  I’ve hosted some <what I think are> amazing parties.  I’ve attended some even more amazing parties.  I’ve dressed up, dressed down, lived, laughed, and loved as I’ve welcomed new years in.  None of them can compare to last night.

It seems cliché right?  The first time mom talking about how her first NYE with her new baby would be the best one ever?  That same mom talking about how she couldn’t imagine topping the past year with the new year because that past year she welcomed the most amazing gift into her life?  It is cliché and cheesy.  But it’s true.

This year, I didn’t even want to try to find a babysitter- to be honest I didn’t think I’d be awake at midnight unless E had woken up for a feeding or discomfort (she’s had some gas issues this week).  I felt it would be a total waste, and to be honest A & I didn’t really have some huge party we wanted to go to.

Instead we decided to plan a lovely, low-key, family oriented evening.  We started our “evening” with a “dinner” (read 3:00pm) reservation at the Melting Pot.  Remarkably, E did AMAZING during our 2.5 hour dining experience.  We didn’t even get a single evil eye (probably because the 3:00pm dinner hour at the Melting Pot was the “family” hour).

Yes- I was lazy and took a picture of a picture

Let's get this party started!

We brought E’s bumbo with us- which worked out perfectly!  I knew most of their seating was “booth” style, and wasn’t sure how many high chairs (if any they’d have), the Bumbo was a perfect alternative, and the restaurant manager even mentioned that they may need to pick one or two up to have on hand.

Dinner was amazing (as it always is at the Melting Pot).  A & I enjoyed a 4 coarse meal, and E enjoyed some shredded chicken, crust-less bread, and of course Cheerio’s.


After dinner, we stopped at my favorite Italian Ice shop and picked up a pint of Cotton Candy Italian Ice- we’re such party animals right?  We then came home and put E in her New Years Eve Pajama’s.  (I’ve never heard of NYE PJ’s either- but when I saw these at Carters, they SCREAMED NYE to me).

We spent some time playing with E in her room.  Ironically, this is one of my favorite past times now.  I guess I spent so much time planning her room and placing everything just “perfectly” for her, that now that she’s old enough to play- it’s our favorite place to do so.

Who DOESN'T need a Perry stuck in their playhouse window?

We spent the rest of the evening snuggled up on our couch watching Tangled (of course) and then once E went to sleep some random NYE countdown.  Amazingly enough I stayed up until the ball drop, while A & E slept next to me.

While this likely doesn’t sound like an action filled and “Epic” (thanks for the word choice Taylor) NYE, for me, it was.  For me it wasn’t the end of the year, but the beginning to a whole new year full of opportunities and moments like this for our little family to experience and cherish for a lifetime.

P.S- And E may have taken her first unassisted steps on NYE- no big deal! (AH!)

Happy New Year my dears- may it hold a year of wonder and cheer for you and your lovelies!

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4 Responses to A Low-Key New Years Eve

  1. Vanessa K says:

    Glad it was a good evening for you. E is just so big now.
    Happy New Year!

  2. David Carter says:

    I am Glad that You and Your Family spent an Evening together, I my self spent my time with my Daughter and her Family, Watching TV and being together. Happy New Year Jenn, Eliana, and Arron.

  3. Tomi Jo says:

    Dear Jenn,
    You are so inspiring to me! Your blog has been entertaining and very helpful to me! My husband and I are going to be adopting because of physical issues in me. I feel like I have been wanting to be a momma since I was little and to here that my chances of having a baby have crumbed seemed devestating to me, but I am thankful that the Lord has taken my heart and put his plan in our lives! Your blog makes me see the real trials and struggles of adoption. Plus it shows me the joy and the excitement you go through! Thank you so much for being an encourager.

    PS. I love the Melting Pot!! 🙂

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