Confessions of an Adoptive Mom Part 5

Queue Usher- “These are my confessions”…

I know- I’ve been holding out on you.  I’ve left you confession less for months – not because I haven’t needed a confessional, it’s just been insanely busy.  Without further ado….

Confession #15: People need to learn to keep their thoughts to themselves.  On Christmas Eve the (very kind and sweet) lady who runs the home A’s Grandmother is in was gushing over E (as most people do) and noticed her stunning blue eyes.  She looked at mine, then at A’s and said “where does she get these from- not you!”  Seriously people- WHAT IF I had an affair and my husband was raising a child that wasn’t his- and you feel because you took high school biology that you can diagnose where my child comes from?  I told A next time I’m going to get all dramatic and he should act all shocked and surprised asking “well then who’s baby is it”.  Maybe that’s mean- but seriously people unless you are a gene-pool expert, be wise about the comments you make.

Confession #16: Though it’s completely contrasting to confession #15, sometimes I want to scream, “SHE’S ADOPTED TOO!”  Case in point, we were standing in line for Santa behind a BEAUTIFUL family who’s daughter was adopted.  I wanted was dying to bring up a conversation about their child and adoption, but because you never know (see confession 15) kept my mouth shut.  However, I may have ease dropped my way into the conversation once he started explaining his little girls adoption journey from Ethiopia 5 Christmas’s before to the lady in front of him.

Confession #17: I still get completely giddy when people comment on how much E looks like A or I!  Seriously no joke- people must think I’m a first class dork- because I get all giggly and smile and muster a thank you- like a 3 year old keeping a BIG (good) secret.

Confession #18: I have no idea what to say when people tell me what an amazing thing A&I did for E by adopting her.  To be completely honest- it’s hard for me to wrap my head around.  She is such a blessing to us, and I just feel so incredibly thankful that the Lord chose US to parent her, when we very well know that there were other parent’s hoping to take her home, so hearing that WE did something great and amazing for HER still just baffles me.


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