More Than A Chair…

This is E’s glider:

It’s pretty simple, it’s a dark wood, with ivory fabric.  I dressed it up a little by adding a hand made blanket from my Godmother.  It sits under 3 very special pieces of Disney “art”.  One is a canvas painting from the movie Lilo and Stich.  It’s Stitch reading the “Ugly Duckling” to the ducks.  It’s the part of the movie where he’s looking for HIS family.  This painting was a gift to E from my parents.  This print is very symbolic to me for many reasons, so I adore this painting.  The other two are prints from Disneyland.  One is the original ride poster for Peter Pan’s Flight to Neverland, and the other is Walt Disney’s discription of FantasyLand.  Needless to say, this is a very special corner of her room.

When A & I were preparing for E, I went back and forth on getting a glider.  I had heard mixed reviews on them and their “usefullness”.  The majority of people who had told us they loved their glider were nursing mothers.  Since I was not nursing, I was afraid it would sit in the corner taking up space.  For this reason we picked a glider that wasn’t expensive and bonus- my parents decided to purchase it for us.

After 9.5 months I can honestly say that this may be the piece of furniture in E’s nursery that the “T” family uses most.  You see, this glider is so much more then a chair.  This glider is a magic carpet, a pumpkin turned horse drawn carriage, an airplane, a tree house in Bear Country, you name it, this glider has probably been it at some point or another.  This glider is also an activity center used by a little girl and her dog to play hide and seek or tag.

I'm gonna get you!

This chair is also the center of our bed time routine.  After E is out of the bath and dressed in her pajama’s, we come into her room, take our place on the glider and our routine begins.  We read stories, say our night-time prayer, take our night-time bottle, sing a few songs, and then I continue to rock her in my arms while she sleeps.

This chair gives me an amazing view of her room.  It sits in the far corner, and I can look out onto her entire room, and also see into the hallway.  Every night after she’s fallen asleep I pray over E, thanking the Lord for her and asking for her safety.  I also pray for Sam*.  I then sit and enjoy the peace of my daughter sleeping still in my arms.

Tonight, as I was rocking with her and looking out over her room, I remembered what that same room looked like this time last year.  It wasn’t nearly complete, and housed a guest bed, a TV stand, and small TV.  It was hodge-podged together, and belonged to no one (though my mom may say otherwise).  A year ago, I would never have imagined that room holding all the things it holds now, including our simple little glider.

I was recently asked what my opinion on glider’s were by a co-worker.  I held back on sharing how this simple piece of furniture had almost become a piece of our family, as it knows all of our hopes and dreams, prayer requests and praises.  I refrained from sharing how this simple piece of furniture had cradled not only our little girl, but also a growing family.  I neglected to add how many nights I had walked in to check on E, only to find her and her daddy snuggled up asleep in the glider (which is a comical sight because A is over 6 feet tall) and how many nights she and I had drifted to sleep while rocking together.  I simply answered her question by stating, “It’s the single piece of furniture in her nursery that I’ve never thought twice about purchasing, and would buy again in a heartbeat.”

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2 Responses to More Than A Chair…

  1. Heather says:

    You know, we’ve been debating for quite some time now what kind of chair/rocker to put in Z’s room… I think you may have just sold me on a glider! You’ve always had such a remarkable way with words!
    Miss you and can’t walt to see you, and meet A & E (he, he) very soon!
    P.S. I read your daycare posts and though I have no knowledge on them, I just wanted to say chin up and pray! Big hugs Jenn!

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