Day Care Dilema- Part 1

I don’t hide the fact that I have high expectations about pretty much everything in life.  I don’t think anyone who knows me would deny this fact either.  In fact, even I admit that my high expectations can occasionally often be unreasonable.  However, when my expectations are met, you will find that I am the absolute most loyal person on the planet.  This goes for everything from retail stores, restaurants, service providers like my hair stylist, friendships, etc.  When it comes to the care of my daughter however, I’m just out right crazy.  Bat-Shit-Crazy even.

First, some history to how we came to our day care provider.  E was born at the end of March.  Following her birth I took a 30 day leave (I had not yet been with my current organization 1 year and did not yet qualify for 12 weeks of FMLA).  After my 30 day leave, A’s mom took a week off and spent it with E at our home.  Following that A took 3 weeks off, then my mom took a week off with E, then my sister, then E took a few more weeks off.  In May, when A was on his first round of leave with E, his company put out a request for individuals to voluntarily “RIF” (Reduction in Force).  After much consideration and review of the separation package, A took the option (he had been there quite a while and got a very nice severance package).  Because of this he ended his leave early in June and my mom and sister tag teamed the rest of the month with E at home.

A was then home for the next four months with E.  While A loved being home with our daughter, he decided he just wasn’t meant to be a SAHD (Stay At Home Dad).  He re-joined the workforce in November (November 7th to be exact).

In August we had selected our day care facility.  They were recommended by another mom, and we felt really comfortable with their facility (which was a breath of fresh air as I left many facilities crying).  To add to our comfort level with this facility, it was one of only a few NAEYC (nationally accredited) facilities that had an infant program in our city.  Additionally, this particular facility had a rare program that linked the children in the school with the community in a very hands on way, exposing them to various cultures and demographics which I felt E may not experience otherwise.  I absolutely LOVED this about the facility.  I also got a very warm vibe from the teachers in her class room as well as the director of the school.

On November 7th, A dropped E off for her first day of school (for the record, I have only dropped off ONCE.  It still breaks my heart to drop her off, even though she loves it).  The first two weeks were a little rough (on me).  I won’t lie, I literally nit-picked everything about the school.  I was OCD, annal, and likely looking for things to make me hate them.  Bottom line- I hated that they got to spend so much of E’s day with her, and I didn’t.

E also went through day care hazing by getting sick, numerous times.  We made our first ER visit on November 17th for dehydration (she had been congested not wanting to eat while she was “leaking” out her rear end).

However by the end of November, I felt like we were in a good place with her class room.  I had become comfortable with her teachers, E was in a groove making new friends, I could tell E was happy there and adored her care takers.  I was really happy and content with our situation and even recommended the facility whenever I could.  And even though E got horribly sick in December (remember our two ER trips?) I wasn’t mad at her class room, it was just a part of day care. Ya, we were cruising right along, happy and content with how things were going.  And then we got our first letter….

And things would never be the same.

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