Day Care Dilema- Part 2

In late December we got the first letter.  (When I say letter, I literally mean a letter.  When the facility needs to communicate important information with us they tend to give us a written letter when parents come in to pick up their children).

Letter One stated that K, one of E’s teachers (one of her favorite teachers) had resigned to go back to school Full Time.  We were sad.  We LOVE K.  But, I couldn’t fault her for wanting to go back to school.  I also have to give the administration credit for the way they handled K’s absence.  They made sure that ratios (they maintain a 1:3 ratio, a big reason we picked them) were maintained even if they had to bring in additional staff to the infant room!

Letter Two stated that K’s position had been filled and would be starting in January.  They replaced K with a teacher from another room, which I thought was a bonus.  She was well-known by the administration and had good rapport with her current parents.  I felt this was the best possible scenario (besides K coming back).

Letter Three I received on Friday January 13th, E’s first day back at day care after our trip to Utah for my cousins funeral.  This letter was from the facilities board of director’s, and was informing us that a formal complaint had been filed with the state board of health.  At first, I freaked out over this.  Thankfully, I didn’t run off demanding information (not that they can give it to me, it’s an open case).  Then I got home and processed it.  I realized that the facility had no obligation to inform us of this information, and in fact put themselves in a position of questioning and doubt from parents by informing us, but still decided to.  To me, that took courage and demonstrated open communication.  I decided to look at the positive side and felt that if they were willing to be honest about that, surely they’d be honest about the outcome.  I also placed a call to the Board of Health who stated they could give me information (and it’d be available online) once the claim was closed.  Additionally, the Board of Director’s placed the Executive Director on administrative leave- clearly they weren’t taking chances.

That Friday I also noticed there was a new baby in E’s class.  A teeny, tiny 6 week old.  Honestly, it breaks my heart that such a little baby has to be in day care, but it also concerns me.  The rest of the kids in E’s class are 8-13 months.  They are mobile, loud, and into everything.  Because of this one of the teachers always has to be with the baby because the other kiddos are just too curious.  So really our 3:1 ratio, is now 4:1 with Princess (the 6 week old) having a 1:1 ratio.

Then last week came.

On Thursday, I received another letter.  This time the letter informed me that they had found mold in the infant room (one of the pods- there are 3 pods in one giant room and they are separated with half wall’s).  They had moved all of the babies out of the pod where the mold was, but they were still in the large room.  Again, I flipped.  I went in to get E, and found out that she had only had 7oz of formula that day.  Aside from the fact that I have specifically told them to call me if she’s not at double digits by noon (she is a lazy eater, and I understand they can’t fuss all day with her- but I can), it alarmed me that it hadn’t raised a red flag with them regardless, that this child who normally eats 18-24 oz’s had only eaten 7!  To top it all off, when I went to get her things, I found she was no longer in the crib she’d been in for over 2 months.  When I asked why her crib was moved J informed me that “another mom had complained that her baby wasn’t sleeping well in the loud crib, so they swapped her crib with E”.  Understand that E has had MAJOR sleeping issues, that I have discussed with her teachers there (and in fact apologized for!) and they put MY baby in the loud crib?!  I literally just walked out.  I knew that if I said anything it would turn into word vomit and not be productive.  Thankfully, my dear friend Taylor talked me off a ledge on my drive home that evening.

On Friday (Yes, E went to daycare on Friday even with the mold- but only after I spoke with her pediatrician and he said he wasn’t concerned), when I went to pick E up, I had decided I was too exhausted to say anything.  A had spoken to her teacher that morning and resolved the eating issue and the crib issue.  I was exhausted and worn down and just wanted to relax.  When I was in the lobby signing E out, I noticed a clan of 4 young girls walking into the infant room.  I figured it was no big deal, as in the infant room there is a separate waiting area with a couch.  After signing E out and entering the infant room, I noticed there was no-one waiting in the lobby area.  I also noticed that every.single.door was open all the way back to the last pods where the babies were.  I also heard the girls.

I made my way back and noticed that E was by Princess (the 6 week old) who was also the baby the girls were going for.  I started to manuever across the room when I noticed these girls were nearly stepping on my crawling infant.  I then, however, booked it when I saw two of these girls bending down and TOUCHING my daughter.  I abruptly looked them in the face after swooping E up and told them they were not to touch my daughter, when I noticed that sitting on the floor next to Princess, was one of her day care teachers.  Which means she saw this band of girls come in, nearly trample my daughter, and TOUCH my daughter all without saying a word.  This was my last straw.  Aside from the fact that it is CLEARLY posted that only the parents are to enter the infant room, and all other guests/siblings are to wait in the lobby, you just do not touch my daughter if I do not know you.  I was also upset that her teachers had allowed this.  There were so many people in that clan that you couldn’t really tell what was going on.  This my friends is how things happen, this is how babies disappear!

I got E’s things from her other teacher and quickly left the room.  As I was leaving I saw R, the director, and asked to speak with her.  We chatted about everything- the letters, my dissatisfaction with the new teacher, my concern with E’s new crib.  I informed R, that had we not gotten the letters we had, maybe these incidents would seem minor, but everything had just accumulated up and honestly I was losing faith.

R has always been wonderful about listening to my concerns and not judging me for being the concerned over demanding mother that I am.  She listened attentively and promised to work on every item I brought up.  In fact as we were leaving, I saw her move into the infant room I assumed to begin addressing the incident that had just occurred.

So now this brings me to my problem- what do I do?

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One Response to Day Care Dilema- Part 2

  1. I feel awful that I recommended the place and you’re having such a rough time there. 😦 I hope things improve soon or that you find a place you are more comfortable with.

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