Baby Wearing- From an Adoptive Mother’s Perspective

Before E was even a thought in our minds, I wasn’t really to keen on the idea of baby-wearing.  It wasn’t that I was against the concept, but I just didn’t really think it was for me.  I didn’t see it fitting in with our life-style, I couldn’t have been any more wrong.

About a week after E came home, I decided to purchase a Moby Wrap.  This ended up being one of our favorite items during her “newborn” phase.  Not only did the wrap enable me to keep her close and “soothed” it also enabled me to be “hands free” during her sleeping periods.  This allowed me to get laundry and other household chores done, which was a huge bonus.

However, there was an added element to baby wearing, especially as an adoptive parent.  I never got the opportunity to “carry” E in my womb, and having the opportunity to wear her close to my skin, with her head laying on my heart was almost symbolic for me, therapeutic even.  It enabled me to have the experience of carrying her, not in my arms, but rather carry her relying on my body.  While there are several documented benefits to a baby for to be carried in a wrap (and it’s obviously an option prefered by women for hundreds of years), this by far was a benefit I’d never have imagined both E and I would experience.  The bonding opportunity we gained was priceless, and I am so grateful for the experience we’ve had.  As an adoptive parent, I’d be lying if I had said I worried about our bonding process, if it would come natural, or if it would be complicated.  While this was a worry I need not have had, I felt that having the opportunity to wear E enhanced our bonding experience.

This past summer E outgrew her Moby Wrap, and we upgraded to an Ergo Carrier.  This has been one of the best purchases we’ve made thus far.  It was an added bonus that I found it at Costco for about $40 less than it normally retails for.

Trying our Ergo for the first time!

Since then, E & I have enjoyed many outings in our Ergo.  Even though we’ve far since bonded, utilizing our Ergo is still one of our favorite ways to “tour”, especially in highly occupied attractions.  1) I don’t have to worry about maneuvering a stroller through a crowd, and 2) it allows me to keep a safe perimeter around E.  To be honest there are far fewer people who will come up and try to touch/see your baby when you’re wearing them close to your body (note- this does not apply to all people, there are still some people who will come up and practically touch your boob to see your baby).  3) There’s something special about looking straight into her eyes, and being within a close perimeter of being able to kiss her forehead anytime I chose.

I am so grateful we took the opportunity to learn about “baby wearing” and had an open mind towards it.  It has truly been such an amazing experience, and is absolutely one I will continue with E and any other future little one’s we are blessed with.


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3 Responses to Baby Wearing- From an Adoptive Mother’s Perspective

  1. Hillary says:

    My husband I both LOVE wearing SJ. In fact I get a little jealous when he is wearing her. We just got our first woven wrap and holds her so much more securely than the Moby. I think being an adoptive Mom makes baby wearing so special. I love rubbing her bum, it fulfills that part of me that always wanted to rub my own pregnant belly 🙂

  2. Beth says:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts on baby wearing! I plan to use a moby and other carriers, so I’m hoping our baby will like it just as much as E!

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