I Love You Because {DIY Crafty Mama}

As I’ve mentioned previously, I have a love affair with Pinterest.  This year, I set a goal to complete 25 projects that I “pinned”.  A lofty goal, when you consider that’s just over 2 projects per month.  Being that we’re more than halfway into January, I decided it was time to get started on this goal and completed my first project of 2012.

i love you because...

Looking pretty against my flowers.

I found this on The Content Housewife’s Blog and instantly fell in love with the idea.  It’s a frame that (obviously) states, “I love you because…” with room to add a written message.  This allows me to sweetly leave little love notes to A as to why I love him.  As my dear friend Jillian would say, we’re quite “schmoopy” like that, so naturally as soon as I found it I knew it was a perfect gift for A.  Besides, who doesn’t need more “schmoopy” in their lives?  It was quite simple to make requiring only:

– An 8 x 10 photo frame

– A piece of scrapbook paper

– A few “chunky rosette’s” I made courtesy of a tutorial on Freckled Laundry’s Blog

– A downloaded font

– A Vis-A-Vis pen

I made this for A for his birthday this year.  A is a frugal man and gave me a budget of $20 for his birthday gift this year (if you knew my husband you’d understand).  I purchased the materials and made this gift far under the $20 budget A had given me, and it really only took me about 30 minutes (including making the chunky rosettes).

I plan to make one for E for her impending birthday (can you believe that’s only 2 months from today?)  I have yet to decide what I’ll have the text read, but have already picked a bible verse and the color scheme that I’ll include in it.  Pictures to come of course.

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