Happy 10 Months (& 2 days) Baby Girl!

I can’t believe we’re here again!  Our little girl is officially into double digits, and the big “1” is right around the corner.  E is as adorable (and mischievous) as ever!

Who me?


At 10 Months E is:

– Just under 19lb’s (give or take).  She’s still hanging out as “average”, and made some strides this month gaining back some of the weight she lost from being sick.

– Officially sporting 9-12 month clothing.  She has a few 6-9 month outfits she can still wear, but for the most part she’s in size 9-12 month clothing, and size 12 month sleepers.  She even has a few 2 piece sets of pajama’s she can wear now- which make her look way more grown up then I care to admit.

– Moved into size 4 diapers (really, she could still wear size 3, but they were getting small and I buy in bulk from Amazon).  She still hangs out in size Medium cloth diapers at night.

– Eating this month has been a challenge.  E still loves Cheerio’s, but has also moved on to other table foods like shredded meats, peas, steamed veggies, and pasta’s.  I wish I could say she was enjoying her new-found world of food, but I think this photo depicts her exact feelings about food.

So boring.

– On New Years Eve E took her first few unassisted steps.  Since then she has become very adventurous and is standing on her own everywhere and anywhere.  She also continues to “monkey on the wall” along furniture, walls, and well anything that will support her weight.  She has been hesitant to take any more independent steps, but I expect that to change this month.

– E is a mighty climber.  She learned how to climb the stairs this month, which prompted mommy to quickly order and have daddy install a baby gate for the stairs.

– Blowing bubbles in the bath tub.  Seriously, you’d think this was going out of style the way this girl does it.  I think she sees the bathtub as a HUGE glass of water to drink and blow bubbles in.

– E is teething like crazy!  This month we have welcomed in 4 new teeth!  She has 5 top teeth and 2 bottom teeth (yes, it’s odd) but if you try to get a look/feel at those chompers you’re wasting your time!  The only time we get a sneak peek is when we tickle her upside down.

E Loves:

– Tangled.  This continues to be her absolute favorite movie.  We don’t put her in front of the TV often, but if we do, Tangled is it my friends.  She will sit and watch the entire movie.  She absolutely adores Pascal, I often will “rewind” the first 15 minutes for her over and over just to watch her face as she watches the sequence of Rapunzel and Pascal playing hide and seek.


– Cheerio’s.  Seriously.

– Her friend J at school.  It’s pretty cute to see them interact together.

– Making forts and hiding in caves.

– Playing with Mommy and Daddy.

– Being in her Ergo (which Mommy loves too!)

Two peas in a pod!

E Dislikes:

– Long car rides.  Specifically spending 12+ hours in the car driving to Utah.  Though she was a champ when we did that earlier this month.

– Being in her car seat in general.  I hold onto hope that in the distant future, when she’s forward facing, this may change.

– Going to the doctor.  I don’t blame her, every time we go they’re poking and prodding her.  This month we saw Dr. C 5 times for multiple issues: follow-up to an ear infection, a new ear infection, pink eye, follow-up to said ear infection, other illnesses, etc.

– Taking medicine (don’t we all).

Our little princess is growing up so fast.  Every day she looks more and more like a young lady and less and less like a little baby.  While we are having a ridiculous amount of fun laughing, playing, singing, and exploring, I wouldn’t mind if she slowed down just a smidge so we could enjoy this time together before moving on to the next big thing.

On a side note, I feel as though this may be my last monthly update that doesn’t include “she’s walking!”.  While I’m excited for the day baby girl decides she’s confident enough in herself to continue taking steps unassisted, I know this milestone also signals the end of the baby era, and the dawn of “Toddler Days”.  While I know each adventure will be grand, There is a small part of me that would like to keep her a baby forever.

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One Response to Happy 10 Months (& 2 days) Baby Girl!

  1. I wish they’d stay babies forever too. ::sad face:: I can’t believe how much she has grown, cutest little girl ever!!!

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