365 Days

This past year, many of my friends welcomed babies into the world.  For the past few months, I’ve seen them re-post pictures of the pregnancy test that they took on that day a year ago to learn they were pregnant.  Whenever they do this, it always makes me realize how fast time fly’s, and today, I’m making my own “one year ago today I pee’d on a stick” post- Jenn style.

When I went to bed on February 7th, I had no idea that the next day would start a chain reaction of events that would completely turn my world upside down.  I had no idea that the very next day, a series of event’s that had been years in the making would finally reveal themselves to me, and give me a glimpse of the plan He had for A&I that I had doubted for so long.

Let me pause for a moment and explain that statement, “…give me a glimpse of the plan He had for A&I that I had doubted for so long.”  The events that lead A & I to Sam* and E were a chain of events that literally started years ago.  (Okay, in all reality they started long before A & I were born, but for the sake of this story, I’ll just start with the last traceable event I can pin point).

In August of 2004 (6 years before E, and 3 years before I met A) I decided to take an ASL class.  This simple act is the beginning of a ripple effect that lead me to E.  I took ASL as my foreign language in college, this lead me to a job that I likely wouldn’t have been interested in or gotten (doing administrative work for a company that did telecommunications for the deaf and hard of hearing).  That position lead to a series of promotions that set me up financially, emotionally, and maturity wise to lead me to the process of adoption.  Honestly, it was with an account I set up due to the kindness of that companies original owner that financed our adoption.

However, that same position and company, consumed my life, and after 5+ years, I left and started at a new organization.  My first day there was July 1st.  E was conceived some time in late June/Early July.  Had I not started with this new company, during the summer, I may not have ever found E.

In my current organization, giving back to the community is one of 4 pillars we operate under.  On my 3rd day, I was given a Volunteer Match log in and encouraged to start finding an organization.  I did.  It was the same organization that lead me to E.

It goes further.  Even though A & I were considering adoption, we never spoke about it with our friends and family.  We weren’t sure what their reaction would be, and decided it was something we would pray about and keep to ourselves.  But something told me to speak with the ladies I volunteer with about it.  We never spoke at length, just updates here and there about our process.  Had I never done that, they would never have known to speak up for me when I was speechless.

These events, culminating for years, causing major life changes, all had to align perfectly for E to find us.  And they did.  365 days ago today, I had no idea how these events linked, nor what amazing thing they were linking us too, but 364 days ago, I found out.


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5 Responses to 365 Days

  1. I really love this Jenn-style BFP post. It is very humbling to take notice of choices and events that have led you to this point in your life, and it is such an awesome reminder of God’s presence in our lives. Love ya, hunny!

  2. Jaye says:

    Have I told you lately that I love you, Jenn? Seriously. I love this post.

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