My Amazing Husband

On this, the day before Valentines Day, I felt it appropriate to share with you a bit about my absolutely amazing husband- A.

Isn't he hot....

I often refer to A on my blog as the cool, calm, and collected one because, well, he is.  But he’s so much more than that.  A is truly my better half.

A & I met because we were both in a wedding together.  The bride, Abby, was a friend of mine and the groom, David, had been A’s best friend since elementary school.  A & I were the only two single people in the wedding and Abby thought we’d get along well.  Turns out, she was right.

When A met me, I was a different person.  My job was my life.  I thought my most prized possession was my Lexus RX330 (Rex).  I was broken.  I was someone I didn’t want to be.  But A, he looked past all of that.  He saw me for who I could be, who I wanted to be, who he saw me to be.

We were are quite schmoopy as my friend Jillian would say.  We do silly, corny things.  We go to Disneyland on vacation and honeymooned in Disneyworld.  We drive around with hot coco looking at Christmas lights.  We appreciate the simple things in life.

Before I met A, I thought that the most important and defining thing in my life was my career.  I dedicated 110% of myself and sacrificed any and all things that got in my way.  I traveled 3-4 weeks out of the month and worked long hours.  I didn’t mind any of this, until I met A.  Once we met, something inside of me softened.  Suddenly I wanted nothing more but to be home, with him.  I hated leaving him every week and missed him more than I had missed anything.  Suddenly I saw myself as so much more than just a professional I saw myself as a wife, with a family, married to a man I adored.

A proposed to me 6 months after we met, and we were married a year and 3 months later.  It was a beautiful wedding and I couldn’t have imagined it any differently.

"He makes my foot pop"

We wanted a family right away.  When that didn’t come naturally, I had many emotional break downs, but A, he never lost hope.  A’s faith is something I’ve always admired about him.  Unlike me, he is not a control freak.  Because of this, trusting in God’s plan is something that has always come so natural to him.  His consistent and steady faith that we would be parents got me through some of the darkest moments.  I can remember many evenings, curled up in bed, sobbing, A rubbing my back and saying just a few simple words, “I promise you will be a mom”.

A is the type of man you only dream about, the type of man you think only exists in a fairytale.  He loves without hesitation, lives without regret, and sees the good in just about everyone.  He’s very go with the flow, yet protective of his heart when he needs to be.  He’s the type of guy that when his wife comes home late on a Thursday evening saying, “I think I found our baby, he or she should be here in 5 weeks” doesn’t bat an eye, yet doesn’t get to worked up.  He’s the type of guy who stays up all night rocking his daughter because he believes holding her upright will help her congestion subside faster.  He’s the kind of guy who doesn’t flinch or bat an eye when the ladies in his life need something, suddenly it’s just there.

This is my husband, the amazing, wonderful man who decided to spend eternity with me for God knows what reasons.  He’s the father of my child, my rock, and my very best friend.

He’s my amazing husband.

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One Response to My Amazing Husband

  1. Beth says:

    What a wonderful post!
    A sounds like a terrific guy and a wonderful match for you 🙂

    Actually, he sounds a lot like my husband – cool, calm, collected and always hopeful.

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