Remembering the Day She Became “Ours”

February 19th.  This day is so special to us (like so many days are now).  But February 19th, is probably right up there with March 29th (the day E was born) and July 20th (our “Gotcha Day” or the day E’s adoption was finalized).  On February 19th, a young lady handed us a series of ultra sound photo’s and said the magical words, “She’s yours!”.

If you recall, I had met Sam* the Thursday before, but Saturday, February 19th, 2011, was not like any other day I’ve experienced.  It started with an early morning personal training session and ended with me purchasing the Travel System I had been dreaming of purchasing for years.  I re-visited mine and A’s  Facebook Posts from the day to recap a time line for you:

5:55am: Jenn checks in at Lifetime Fitness (Way to early)

Between this post, and the next post, I had a total and complete melt down because I couldn’t get the photo’s of our neighborhood to load and print on the Costco Photo site.  Clearly this was important because there was no way Sam* would pick us without seeing where we lived right?  (Remember, I was a huge ball of emotion and nerves).

11:27am: Jenn posts, “Here we go! Just trying to let go and feel Gods love and wisdom surround us.”

2:34pm: A checks in at Paradise Bakery (where Sam*, Z*, A, and I had lunch and chatted for 3+ hours)

5:35pm: A posts, “Today has been such a great day so far that if I had a journal to write in, I would do it just to make sure I remember.”

**Please understand my husband NEVER posts on his Facebook page.  In fact, in order to scroll back a year to see this post, I only had to click “view older posts” like 5 times.  To see my posts from a year ago, it was closer to 25….

10:09pm: Jenn posts, “My heart is so full it may fall out of my chest!!! God is so faithful. Feb 19 maybe my new favorite day!!”

The entire day was full of emotions, up’s and downs, but in the events of that day we received the ultra sound photo’s of the most adorable baby girl, who, by day’s end, we got to call “ours”.

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One Response to Remembering the Day She Became “Ours”

  1. Heather says:

    I love the you uses your old FB posts to help tell the story from that day! Really conveys things better than any new words you could have used today!
    Congrats to you three, can’t wait to meet her! XOXO

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