Illness + Teething = My Poor Baby Girl

My poor baby girl hasn’t been able to catch a break the last few weeks- well really the last few months.  Her poor little body has been plagued by illness after illness, barely getting a moment to breathe and recover before the next illness plagues her.

Two weeks ago, I became pretty ill, with what developed into Acute Bronchitis, a Sinus Infection, and Pink Eye.  Despite my best efforts, I first shared my pink eye with her, and then my icky, nasty germs.  This lead to many ups and downs at day care and my office as we juggled keeping E well and cared for.

On Thursday, her daycare called me to let me know she was completely lethargic.  Not just apathetic, but literally just laying on the floor, not making eye contact, not moving.  We rushed her into the doctor (who she had seen on Tuesday) and he asked if she’d been taking the anti-biotic.

Let me pause here.  On Tuesday he prescribed Augmentin for her (the same anti-biotic I was on).  His logic was that the anti-biotic was working very well for me, so he figured it would for her (based on the theory we were sharing the same germs).  Well, the only flaw is that infant Augment tastes horrible, and E refused it.  When I called the office on Wednesday to get idea’s on how to give it to her, Dr. C was out and the on call doctor recommended mixing it with Chocolate Syrup.  Dr. C and I had spoken about chocolate before and I knew he preferred E not have any until she was closer to 2- when I mentioned this to the on call doctor’s nurse she said I could wait until Thursday to ask Dr. C.

Back to Thursday.  Dr. C looked E over and let us know that her “germs” had now turned into an ear infection, and her throat was now much rawer then it had been.  Because she hadn’t been taking the anti-biotic (she literally gauged so hard she threw it up- and anything else in her stomach) he decided to give her a shot of Rocephin (anti-biotic by injection).  He gave us some tips on how to get her to take the Augmentin, and told us to come back the following day.

Well, Friday E refused the Augmentin again.  She stayed home with A’s mom, and we visited the doctor again.  Thankfully, he noted that her ear infection had already started to clear up, so while he was giving her a second shot of Rocephin, she would not require the 3rd dose.

By Saturday we could already tell she was doing better.  We kept her home and inside just to be safe.  However, because of this we missed the annual American Heart Association Heart Walk.  This is something we do every year (my mom survived a cardiac death in 2008) and were looking forward to E’s first walk.  But, we knew it would be best since it’s usually quite crowded and we wanted to make sure E was on the mend.  (Excuse the junky iPhone photo)

My little "Heart Hero"! (My Uncle bought her this onesie last year at the Heart Walk, before she was born)

Now, through the week we had notice that E had been much more fussy than normal.  We chalked this up to her being ill.  We were wrong.

On Saturday we could tell she was feeling much better- her stuffy nose was even obsolete (it hasn’t been in months), but yet she was still quite fussy.  We knew she had been teething, but the teeth we suspected were bothering her had already broken the gum.  In trying to rack our brains to figure out what was going on, it suddenly dawned on us, in just a few short days E would be 11 months old. A and I both looked at each other, then felt inside E’s mouth.

Yup.  Just when we thought our sweet girl was getting a reprieve from illness, pain, and fussiness and was going to get to be a sweet, happy, HEALTHY, baby girl…

Her one year molars decided to start making their appearance.

Well, at least maybe we’ll be done with them by her 1st Birthday trip to Disneyland?

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