RSV is the Devil!- Part 1

Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) I hate you.

If you remember my post from the last week in February, E had found herself ill again, and needing an antibiotic via injection.  For the week following, E was the picture of a healthy baby.  No runny nose, no cough, nothing.  It was amazing!  I finally remembered what  it was like to have a non-sickly little girl!

Then last Saturday, the 3rd of March, the stuffy nose and cough came back.  While I hated to see them back, it wasn’t anything new to us.  E was her normal self, so we went on with our lives.  The next day Sunday, the 4th, a fever (101-101.7) accompanied her stuffy nose and cough.  Again, this wasn’t our first time at the rodeo, so we did what we normally do for a fever and congestion (humidifier, Nose Freda, tepid bath, cool rags, and infant Advil when she seemed uncomfortable).

Because she had a fever on Sunday, we sent her to spend the day with Auntie Carolyn on Monday.  She seemed to be a bit sluggish, but had her moments of play time, so we weren’t to concerned.  She continued to take infant Advil (when it would wear off, you could instantly tell she was miserable again), and went on her day.  A got to Carolyn’s house around 4:30 on Monday to pick E up and bring her home.

At 4:45 I got a call from A that she seemed really warm (even after a 1pm dose of Advil).  I asked him to pull over and take her temperature.  He did, it was 103.7.  Crap.

I immediately called the doctor’s office, who said to just take her to the local Children’s Hospital, which we did.  Mind you, we’ve been to the Children’s Hospital a few times in recent months, and each time, it was smooth sailing.  Literally we walked in, walked right through triage, and straight back into a treatment room.  This time, not so much.

The waiting room was packed, and I mean PACKED.  There was virtually no seating.  We all got there around 5:00pm and we waited, and waited…

Around 6:00, I walked up to the woman taking names, asking how much longer it would be.  Mind you this was after an hour of watching my child sit there lethargically moaning and whimpering while burning up for an hour.  She said it would likely be another 40 minutes until E was triaged- TRIAGED!  I then calmly mama bear like explained that we had been waiting an hour, our daughter was miserable, and burning up and that unlike other people sitting there, we had been sent here by her doctor and we were certainly NOT using the ER as our primary care doctor.

Let me back up and explain why I felt confident making this statement.  For the last hour I had watched children with wrist bands playing hide and go seek IN the waiting area.  Clearly they were not deathly ill nor did they have a horrible injury because they were climbing on and under the chairs, running around, and having a jolly good time.

The kind lady (whom I’ll speak more of soon) said why don’t we triage her now.  They did.  Her temp was still at 103.7, her Oxygen Saturation was borderline 89/90, her lungs sounded awful.  They gave her Tylenol (since she had Advil 5 hours ago) to try to help her fever and told us as soon as they had a room she’d go back.

Finally- we were making progress!  Or so I thought..

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