RSV is the Devil- Part 3

*Note from Jenn- I’ve had a few people ask me why I’d want to document our experience in the hospital.  First and foremost, E came out of this experience a stronger, more resilient kid (with a few battle wounds).  To me, it’s important to document her life, sure maybe it’s so when she’s a teenager, I can let her know what she put us through, but all of these experiences (good, bad, and ugly) are ones I want to remember.

E has been in the Emergency Room on three other occasions.  While one of those occasions they offered to admit her, she has never been admitted to the hospital before.  To be honest, I thought she’d get some meds, maybe a breathing treatment, and we’d be on our way.

I was so happy to get back to our room- which was a “make shift” room compromised of 4 bleak and empty walls, a bed, 2 plastic chairs, a very old TV that did not work, and posters everywhere stressing the importance of NOT having your baby sleep in a bed with you.  The door was an actual door that sealed, and there were no window’s (this is important to know to fully understand my mental state later in the evening).  Once we were in the room, the nurses and doctors came in quite quickly.  The doctor checked her over, and ordered a chest x-ray as well as a visit from respiratory to bring her an inhaler.

We went back for her chest X-Ray quickly.  E honestly had some fun with it!  She sat in my lap while I sat in a wheel chair and we were “wheeled” to X-Ray.  She did great during the X-Ray and we came back into the room and sat with A.  During this time, I got a text from a friend, Brenda, that her little boy B (who was only 8 weeks old) had a fever, and they would likely be joining us soon.  While waiting for the X-Ray results, A and I discussed the irony of this, and how funny it was that E and B would be there together.

While we were waiting, a gentleman from Respiratory came in and helped us give E her inhaler.  She was not a fan, but this man was SO kind.  (He ended up visiting us several more times that evening).  He gave us her inhaler with face mask, and I assumed that meant we’d be leaving shortly.  By this point it was around 9pm, so I was anxious to get home as we were all getting tired.

Shortly there after the doctor came back in.  We again talked about her most recent illness, and he shared with us that her X-Ray showed spots on her lungs that could either be a virus or Bacterial Pneumonia.  He stated that because she had just come off an antibiotic, it concerned him to see this.  He stated that he was most comfortable admitting her to monitor her lungs (they had the Pneumonia crackle) and give her intravenous antibiotics.

Enter breakdown #2, in which I word vomited about E being adopted, and how she’d been so sick for so long, and it was my fault because she wasn’t breastfed.  Bless this doctor- he shared with me that he had two adopted children, and this wasn’t because she wasn’t breastfed, this was because she was a baby and babies get sick and because daycare is a breeding ground for germs.

After we had made the decision to admit E, the nurse came back in to escort us to the treatment room.  In the treatment room they gave E her IV and did an RSV swab.  To be honest, the RSV swab is worse than the IV.  They stuck two very long swabs down her nose, and “swooshed” them around for several seconds.

We then brought E back into her room, where the kind man from Respiratory came back to visit us to “deep suction” her.  This involves sticking a catheter down the nasal passage, into the lungs, to clear out phlegm/mucus from the chest and lungs.

Once the torture was over, I ran to a local Walmart to pick up some comfortable clothes (I had come straight from work).  Once I got back, I sent A home to get some sleep as we had been told we would be moving to a room as soon as one was available.  E was already asleep, and Brenda and her husband were also in the ER and offered to help if I needed anything.  Because we would be moving to our room when available, and  I assumed this meant soon (I was wrong), I thought I would have a handle on the evening, and that A was in the clear to get home and get some sleep.

You’d have thought I would have learned by now, but I hadn’t.  Little did I know just WHAT was in store for me the rest of that evening….


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One Response to RSV is the Devil- Part 3

  1. David Carter says:

    Jenn you are such a great mother for E. you and Arron are such great parents, to go through all this for your little girl.God sure will bless you along the way. Patients are a virtue that you have, along with care for gods child. My prayers go to you and Arron and also my prayers for E..I hope E gets through this on fast and speedy recovery. With all my love to you and your family Uncle Dave.

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