RSV is the Devil- Part 4

A left the hospital shortly before midnight.  I figured with E asleep, we’d be moving into our room shortly and we could both snuggle in for the evening.  I was wrong.

Around 12:30am a Patient Care Technician (PCT) came in to check E’s vitals.  I asked her when we’d be moving to our room, and she stated she’d check and get back to me.  She said that the area we were in (overflow) normally started to shut down around this time, so we’d be moving to a new area in ED (Emergency Department) if not to our room shortly.

About 30 minutes later a nurse came in and I asked her when we’d be moving.  She said that she had no idea and it may be possible that we’d stay in ED overnight through the next day.  She said that at minimum we’d be moving to a new room in the ER shortly.  At this point- I was exhausted and well, short-tempered.  I asked her to define shortly because they’d been telling us all night that the next step would happen “shortly”.  Was shortly 30 minutes or was shortly 3 hours?

Shortly was 2 hours.  When they cracked our door to let us know it was time to move you would have thought I hadn’t seen the light of day or even another human in months.  Remember when I told you to remember the set up of our room- which we were in for almost 8 hours?  It made me a little nuts.  I had turned the lights off since E was sleeping and literally felt like I was in a cave.  Because I was holding E while she was sleeping, and the remote didn’t work for the TV, I had literally been watching some weird ghost/monsters/paranormal activity program for like 3 hours as well- so let’s just say a scenery change to a colorful room with people close by that I could see was a nice change.

E woke up shortly after we moved into our new room in the ED because she was having a hard time breathing.  The nice man from respiratory came in again and deep suctioned her which of course made her one.happy.camper.  She finally fell asleep around 4am, when her oxygen saturation levels dropped into the mid to low 80’s (which became a common occurrence), and we had to place the oxygen mask near her face to get her levels to come back up.

All of this was just TO much for me.  I wasn’t sleeping, E was coming in and out of sleep, and I just couldn’t handle it anymore.  In fact if it hadn’t been for Brenda (at this point just a few rooms away) keeping me sane via text’s I probably would have lost it a lot sooner.  I called A at 5:30am and let him know I needed him to come back down, and he of course came right away.  I’d be lying if I told you that he didn’t come into our room to find E & I both crying on the bed.

He got us both settled, and our really kind nurse (whom we’d had before actually) brought me in some orange juice and a banana.  I settled into the comfortable chair we had in our room with my “breakfast” while A settled into the bed with E.  When I finished, I looked up to find A & E conked out on the bed.

The little yellow sock is covering her IV so she'd stop chewing on it...

After making sure they were settled (IE: not tangled in E’s many cords), I asked for a blanket from our kind nurse, and snuggled into the more comfortable chair.

Sleep and the T family had finally met.

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