RSV is the Devil- My Reflections

Being in the hospital with E gave me a lot of time to reflect on the events that transpired.  It made me realize just how blessed we truly are.  While I came to many realizations in the hospital, there are a few I’d like to share with you.

1) We have the best friends and family on the planet, hands down.  I constantly had offers for visits, meals, trashy magazines, you name it.  It was so overwhelming I couldn’t even respond to all of them.  While we limited our visitors to those who wouldn’t risk spreading RSV to their young children, even the offer and constant support was so truly overwhelming.  The visitors we did have were kind and compassionate, checking on E but also checking on A&I.  And while many of our friends and family couldn’t visit (for various reasons) I ALWAYS had someone to talk to (text with) no matter what, even at 3am.  The support we received honestly amazed me.  I can’t even put into words how much it meant to me.

*I have to give a special shout out to Brenda.  While it a horrible coincidence that both our babies were in the hospital together- if they were going to both be there, I’m glad it was at the same time.  Having someone go through a very similar situation simultaneously made it far more bearable.

2) The Lord truly provides for us.  A kind friend on FaceBook reminded me while I was complaining about another take out meal during our stay how truly blessed we were to be fortunate enough to afford to eat out for 5 days.  She was SO right.  A&I are so blessed to not have to worry about the financial needs of our visit.  We were able to eat out when we were hungry, buy clothing that was more suited for a hospital visit, etc.  I couldn’t have imagine adding the stress of a financial burden to an already stressful situation.

And the biggest realization…

3) E came home.  Staying in the Children’s Hospital was quite humbling.  Every day I saw children and parents of children who weren’t going to go home.  Children and parents of children who, unlike E, weren’t going home happy and healthy to live a full life.  It was incredibly humbling and made me so grateful for the health of my family.  While it was awful seeing E sick, I always knew she was going to get better and go home healthy.  I hope I never take that gift for granted again- the gift of a healthy child with a long full life ahead of her.

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4 Responses to RSV is the Devil- My Reflections

  1. Brenda Hardt says:

    Thank you for the shout out! I was just telling Kristi on our way home today that God gave us each other for our hospital stay. I do not know if I would have stayed sane during that time without being about to text you and vent with you. My friends and family were great but you truely understood what I was going through as you were right there experiencing it too.

  2. David Carter says:

    There are many more events to come for you and your family. But you and Arron are strong, E has the best parents that god gave her. Its your faith, Family, and friends that keep it strong. I have enjoyed my family, from Brother’s and Sister, Nieces, Nephews, Children, and Grandchildren, and Great Nieces, My life has been blessed. I do not get to see everyone, because of the lack of transportation, and being Unemployed. My prayers go out to everyone. Some Day I will be able to visit everyone. My life has been Blessed for 57 years, I hope to have long life but I too have Medical Issues. So Thank you for being a part of my life. Love Uncle Dave….

  3. (Just now catching up on Reader…) Even with the constant texting, I still didn’t realize how much your family went through until reading these posts. I wish I could’ve done more than just pray and chat with you. You’ve all grown so much stronger because of this experience, and I think your reflections prove that. Lots of love!

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