The Evolution of a Tantrum

Little Miss E is one week (tomorrow) shy of being a whole year old.  In recent weeks, we welcomed a new friend into our home- then tantrum.

The start:

It begins with a few tears..

The progression:

I do NOT want a bow!

The climax:

Two minutes later she’s back to her two man wolf pack…


By the way, that’s our faithful dog Miley.  Her and E are BFF’s, as you can tell.  Seriously though, they are a two-man wolf pack.  Wherever E goes, you’re sure to find Miley right behind her, and vice versa!

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2 Responses to The Evolution of a Tantrum

  1. Hahaha, I love this post. HATE the tantrums, but those pictures are priceless. Oy ve, the stage we’re entering…

  2. Jill says:

    MJ’s tantrums started on her birthday! Like magic!! At first we couldn’t help but laugh….. we have evolved though and we are better at “parenting” those tantrums and not just laughing.

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