E’s Rapunzel Themed Birthday Party!

The Saturday before her birthday we hosted a small (in my book- but my family is huge) birthday party for E with a Tangled theme.  I had grand ambitions (and a pinterest board) devoted to super awesome home-made Tangled idea’s.  Of course time and apathy got the best of me.

Her party started with these:

The sample of her invite design from Inkberry Parties on Etsy

The day of the party, I manged to pull of a few of the crafts I had “pinned”.  To start, I created a “sun” banner out of square pieces of purple felt and yellow acrylic paint and hung it off two wall sconces that you see when you enter our home:

I also created a “braid” of Rapunzels hair, and draped it down our banister, to appear as though she was “upstairs”.  I added some fake flowers to the braid, as Rapunzel has in her hair after the triplet braid it.

For favors, we had Paint Pens and Rapunzel coloring pages for the older kids (because Rapunzel loves to paint), and Tangled story books for those not old enough to manuever a paint pen (because Rapunzel also loves to read):

The entire set up

Of course Pasqual was there too!

Because it was a beautiful spring day here, we also set up side walk chalk outside (because it’s fun, and because Rapunzel uses side walk chalk to draw in the town square during the festival) and bubbles- because E loves bubbles.

I had several other craft’s/projects I had hoped to accomplish, back when we were planning a huge party for E (that originally included white ponies like Maximus) but I just didn’t get to them.   Given the month we had (*ahem* RSV hospital stay) I am very thrilled with how the projects I did accomplish turned out.

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3 Responses to E’s Rapunzel Themed Birthday Party!

  1. PhaseThreeOfLife says:

    Adorable!! My nieces are all obsessed with Tangled.

    Also, sort of random, but I LOVE how you have the framed pictures on the wall going up the staircase! I want to do some kind of picture display in my hallway similar to that.

  2. Suzanne says:

    How very creative! I love it! I bet she really enjoyed this.

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