{DIY Crafty Mama} Thanks for helping me Sparkle and Shine

Earlier this month, E’s daycare participated in Teacher Appreciation Week.  As a member of the parent group, I helped organize events for her teachers for this week, as well as picking out gifts for the teachers from the parent group.  As a parent group, we ended up having tumblers made with the schools logo on them, with a super cute tag attached:


(photo taken from: http://tatertotsandjello.com/2012/05/teacher-appreciation-creative-juice-gift-idea-and-printable.html)

E has three teachers, all of whom work with her on a daily basis.  I wanted to create a cute and efficient (read inexpensive) gift for them to show my appreciation as well.  Knowing that the cost of whatever gift I made them would have to be multiplied by three, frugality was key.  I also wanted it to be something reflective of E and our family.

E is a very girlie girl (already), and also has a very bright and sensational personality.  She really does shine and standout in a crowd. After thinking about useful, fun, girlie items, I thought it’d be cute to play on the words “Sparkle and Shine”.  This lead me to these items:


For each teacher, I included a bottle of Bath and Body Works shimmer lotion (for sparkle) and a fun pair of sunglasses (for shine).  The lotion I got on sale, and the sunglasses I picked up from Forever 21- if you’ve never shopped for jewelry or accessories there, I highly recommend it, they have a WIDE selection for very inexpensive prices.

I then printed up some cute frilly tags, and put together their gifts.



I was honestly really happy with how they turned out, and her teachers had some great feedback too.  It was a nice way to wrap up the week of events for her teachers, and a high note to end on (we gave her teachers their gifts on Friday) and we had put in her resignation from the daycare that Monday.

But more on that to follow…

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