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Clearly this evening I have been in a “sentimental” or nostalgic mood, reflecting back on old blog posts from several years ago (mostly about the most recent SCOTUS ruling on SB1070- because after tomorrow, SB1070 will fall into the abyss … Continue reading

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Arizona I Quit You- a Repost

After posting my last entry, I found a follow up I had written on November 2, 2010 (election day).  I foretold of SB1070 going to the Supreme Court and being repelled- go me! Let me be frank here.  I do … Continue reading

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SB1070- Two Years and a SCOTUS Ruling Later

I wrote the post below on April 28th, 2010 on my old blog.  Reading it today, my feelings are still similar, though being two years outside of it, I can now see that the intentions of the bill were not … Continue reading

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A Follow Up To My “Big Announcement”

After announcing on my blog, Facebook (by means of my blog) and actually telling people (verbally) about my impending transition to a “Play” at home mom (thanks again Marci!) I’ve received several questions that I’d love to take the opportunity … Continue reading

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The BIG Announcement

I am not pregnant. Though honestly, whatev’s pregnancy because this is an even COOLER announcement in my book! It comes to no surprise to you when I share with you how sick E has been this year (though thankfully all … Continue reading

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E’s Big Girl Room Re-Do

So we I’ve decided to make over E’s room.  She’s getting ready to transition to a big girl bed (either to her Toddler Bed, or we may just skip that all together and put her in a big girl bed) … Continue reading

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3 Out of 4 Aint Bad, Right?

E’s second plane ride (from Denver to Memphis) was pretty uneventful.  She did remarkably well again, and the flight attendant even commented on what a well behaved child she was.  (I’ll admit, this gave mommy the warm and fuzzies). She … Continue reading

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