3 Out of 4 Aint Bad, Right?

E’s second plane ride (from Denver to Memphis) was pretty uneventful.  She did remarkably well again, and the flight attendant even commented on what a well behaved child she was.  (I’ll admit, this gave mommy the warm and fuzzies).

She did great through the entire trip considering how thrown off her schedule was.  I was a little worried about traveling with her so far without A (he’s the calm one), but honestly she made it easy.  While the circumstances that brought us out there weren’t initially ideal, it turned out to be a nice little get-a-way for the “girls”.

We ended up leaving on Monday, after some interesting weather Sunday evening which included our very first Tornado warning.  The weather started with lightening and thunderstorms (living in a desert with summer monsoons, this is like second nature to me) however when we were alerted to the Tornado warning, I was clueless what to do.  Thankfully the hotel staff was fabulous in instructing us on how to be prepared.

The flight from Memphis to Denver was anything but ideal.  To start, we were on a tiny commuter plane.  Next the flight was very turbulent which led to us constantly changing altitudes to find smoother air.  This led to constant pressure changes (do you see where I’m going here).  To give you an idea of how rough of a flight it was, I took zofran (the dissolve in your mouth kind at that) and after about an hour and a half even I wanted to toss my cookies.

After about an hour and a half, E was done.  She started crying screaming, loudly.  As her mother I knew which cry it was.  It wasn’t a “bored” cry, or even a “hungry/wet/fix this” cry.  It was the “I’m in pain/really uncomfortable” cry.   While I tried to offer her a bottle, gold fish, Tangled, her Disneyland App on the iPad, teething tablets, everything- nothing worked.  The only thing that was going to make her feel better was A) getting off the plane (which wasn’t an option) or B) going to sleep.  After screaming for about 35 minutes, with mommy holding her and rocking her, she finally went to sleep.

We landed in Denver about 30 minutes after she fell asleep, and I pretty much ran off the plane, at that point we were both just done.  Thankfully we had another long lay over (3.5 hours) which allowed us to get some lunch, E’s ears to balance out, and for her to have some time to run around and work off some energy.

Walking around DIA with Grammy!

Mmm Jamba Juice!

Her flight home from Denver, she did remarkable again.  She spent quite a bit of time looking out the window, but also spent some time playing on the iPad.  What amazed me is that she was awake the entire flight home, and she did amazing.  I was one proud mama when we landed, and while we had one bad flight, three out of four, in my opinion isn’t to shabby, especially when the bad flight was bad for everyone involved.


All in all, I can confidently say that I am not worried about flying with E any longer!

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