E’s first Airplane Ride!

This weekend E & I (and my mom) took an unexpected trip to Tennessee to visit my Uncle (my moms’ brother).  To be honest, we didn’t even know we were going until Friday afternoon, and we were boarding a plan at 6am Saturday morning.

The upside to a short period of planning time is that I didn’t really have time to “freak out” about E’s first plane ride.  I had about 12 hours to do laundry, make other travel arrangements (car & hotel), pack, shower, sleep, and get to the airport, which left little time for my brain to wonder what may or may not happen on our trek out east.

We woke E up around 4:30am on Saturday.  This is about 2 hours earlier than her normal waking hour.  While she wasn’t initially happy that we were waking her up, she perked up when she realized that Grammy was there.  We got her dressed, gave her some milk, and my mom played with her while we finished loading the car.  We also managed to keep her awake on our drive to the airport.

Once we got to the airport, she was quite enthralled by all the sites and people.  We had decided not to check our bags, only her car seat, so my mom and I trekked through the airport and security with 2 roller boards, 2 back packs, a stroller, and E in her Ergo Carrier (have I mentioned how much I love baby wearing?).

As we approached security, I started getting nervous, we were about to become “those” people.  Let me back up, in my previous job I travelled for work a lot.  I’m talking 3-4 times a month.  To say I was a pro at airport security is an understatement.  To say I never rolled my eyes at a family traveling with children or avoided a security line like the plague to not get stuck behind them is a truth I’m not necessarily proud of.  Even as a savvy traveler, going through security with a baby is just not simple.

Aside from not knowing to pull E’s nebulizer out of our back pack, security went very smooth.  I was able to keep E in her ergo through the metal detector, and we collected our bags pretty quickly.  After stopping for some milk, juice, and breakfast for E, we headed to our gate and literally walked on the plane.  The kind flight attendant offered to gate check our bags, which we happily took advantage of.  After lugging those bags around the airport with everything else, we were happy to see them go.

We found our seats (we had been placed in United’s Economy Plus section with extra leg room- which was awesome) and made ourselves comfortable.  We were seated next to a very kind priest, which I won’t lie made me feel oddly more comfortable and safe.  As soon as we sat down, E became mesmerized with the window.  She stared diligently out looking at the ground crew and other planes.  As we made our way to the runway, I gave her a bottle with milk, and she started dozing off while looking out the window.  Within 5 minutes of take off, she was passed out.  She stayed asleep for the entire 2 hour flight to Denver.

Sleeping- with the window open. She’d wake up and re-open the window if I tried to close it!

I’ve taken a lot of flights in my lifetime- this was likely my favorite!

Once we landed, she woke up long enough to show the priest next to us how to use Siri on his iPhone.  (What, don’t all 14 month olds know how to use Siri?).  We waited for everyone else to deplane before we got off (we had a 4 hour lay over so we weren’t in a hurry, and didn’t want to slow anyone down by stepping into the aisle, loading E into her Ergo and collecting our stuff).

I was quite happy with E’s first flight, she did amazing and didn’t make one peep (except to say “Hi” to everyone once she woke up, and to repeatedly call the priest “dude”- she is SO my daughter).   Once we got off the plane we left the terminal to meet up with my cousin (who lives in Denver) for lunch!

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2 Responses to E’s first Airplane Ride!

  1. Beth says:

    Oh I LOVE that she called him Dude! Haha, I say “dude” all the time and my husband looks at me like I’m crazy.

  2. Sharon says:

    OMG! This is the sweetest story ever. I cannot get over her calling the priest dude and teaching him how to use Siri. hahahahaha! I ❤ her!! 🙂

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